Rusty Hardin laments media’s failure to investigate credibility of the women suing Deshaun Watson

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Lawyer Rusty Hardin, who represents Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson, has said many things in recent days. His comments include a not-so-subtle chiding of the media for failing to pick apart the claims of the 23 (soon to be 24) women who have sued Watson for sexual misconduct during massage therapy sessions.

As noted Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today over the weekend, Hardin has accused the media of not investigating the credibility of the women who have sued Watson due to concerns of being accused of “victim blaming” or getting called “anti-woman.”

Hardin seems to expect reporters to engage in a specific, granular, and rigorous examination of claims asserted and statements made by the many plaintiffs. The reality is that Hardin and his team presumably have been doing just that.

“It is important to note that without exception every woman, in some way or the other, her deposition has been inconsistent with the lawsuit they filed that created all the publicity,” Hardin told Schrotenboer.

It that’s the case, show us. Make the case. Conduct a press conference that juxtaposes allegations from the complaint with specific snippets of testimony that clearly contradict the relevant portions of the official paperwork.

If there are silver bullets, Hardin has direct access to them. He shouldn’t expect the media to go find them. He should show just them to us.

It’s simple. Allegation, followed by testimony that contradicts it. One after another after another. Just like he’ll eventually do to the juries that resolve these various civil cases.

Possibly, that’s what they’ll be doing.

“Where we’re going from now on, we’re going to try to answer yours and other people’s questions in the words of the women,” Hardin told Schrotenboer.

However Hardin chooses to do it, if he wants to get reporters to point out the existence of clear and obvious flaws in one or more of the cases pending against Watson, Hardin has to show them to us. He has to convince us of them.

First and foremost, those clear and obvious flaws need to clearly and obviously exist. If they do, Hardin should be talking about that, instead of undermining his client’s case by flippantly arguing that it’s not a crime to experience or to attempt to finagle a “happy ending” at the conclusion of a massage.

27 responses to “Rusty Hardin laments media’s failure to investigate credibility of the women suing Deshaun Watson

  1. I bet he does… but everyone’s so focused on his for some (not so) strange reason.

  2. They’ve alrdy been in court docs published, where many of the women have admitted it was consensual, admitted to bragging about it, admitted he did nothing wrong, and in one case admitted it was consensual and still demanded money due to that if it was made public it would be embarrassing for mr Watson.

  3. Translation: get ready for a tidal wave of character assassinations. It’s apparent that’s the only card Hardin and Watson have left to plaY.

  4. Mike, I think you are missing his point. I believe he was lamenting the one sided reporting the media is doing — they make no attempt to validate the allegations or vet the accuser. It seems only fair, and considering the recent Nicholas Sandman verdict and award, one would think it is prudent to dig into the allegations. To your point about it being Hardin’s job to investigate the accusers, you are correct. I have to imagine he wants to keep whatever he has found as quiet as possible so the plaintiffs won’t have time to prepare.

  5. why ? in this day and age the minute one person said anything he was considered guilty right then and there. He may or may not be but that is the media, social media, 24 hr news cycle we live in today. Don’t take the click bate.

  6. I say it is an issue of what lawyers call “client control.”

    Watson is unwilling to settle the cases.

  7. 1, 2 or 3 sure, 24 is a serial molester. And now the face of the Cleveland Browns.

  8. Lost in this whole circus is the truth. And it won’t be found.

  9. First Buzbee was talking waaaaaaaaaaaay too much, now Rusty is talking too much. Rusty, just shut up.

  10. Investigate credibility of the women? Um, Rusty, that’s your job.

  11. A conservative estimate is that 2 of every 3 sexual assaults goes unreported. This lawyer helps explain why.

  12. I’m not seeing how any of that would benefit the media. Watson and his legal team need to read the proverbial room. They should have paid whatever it took to settle these cases a long time ago.

  13. 1 or 2 allegations and maybe it’s fake, 23 and counting, dudes a sick pervert

  14. “If that’s the case, show us. Make the case.”

    And then he’ll be blamed for victim-shaming, and for attempting to “try the case in the court of public opinion.”

    A no-win situation, except in actual court.

  15. If Hardin had something on the accusers, he’d leak it. This is his way smearing without evidence. The media the media! It’s the old: ‘look over there’ routine.

  16. The grand jury who heard evidence only had to reach standard of probable cause… but the standard for getting a civil conviction is still higher than probable cause, isn’t it?

    He might just be complaining to complain, since even if he’s super confident he can win in the court this has nothing to do with how godell is going to decide if-and-how-much watson is punished outside of legal system.

  17. In this day and age there admittedly is too much rushing to judgment. However, with 24 separate accusers, combined with the info released to date, the rush to judgment finding Watson a scumbag is justified.

  18. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but Rusty is starting to give lawyers a bad name. Maybe the media investigated the first 15 thoroughly, and then relaxed a little on 15-20, then just played the odds once the account approached 25. You should play the “this was a set-up” card next, Rusty.

  19. Why is Hardin trying to sway the court of public opinion ?? Who cares what the public opinion is. He has to convince a judge many times in civil court. 24 times. Not the general public.

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