Sean McVay on Aaron Donald returning to Rams on a new contract: It’s a big deal

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Sean McVay has had a storybook four months. His Rams won the Super Bowl in February, and he will get a contract extension finalized sooner than later.

He married longtime model Veronika Khomyn in an outdoor ceremony in Beverly Hills over the weekend. The reception even included a cake shaped like the Lombardi Trophy.

On Monday, the best player on the Rams, Aaron Donald, signed a massive deal to ensure his return for 2022.

Donald’s return has the coach already looking forward to 2022.

“It’s not great news; it’s phenomenal, outstanding, any nice adjective that you can place around it,” McVay said on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s Town Hall, which airs Tuesday at 8 a.m. PT. “It’s a big deal, and he’s earned it. And he truly is one of one in my opinion. Means so much to me, to our organization. I think the respect that he’s garnered around this league from guys that have done it at such a high level, what he’s accomplished through his eight years is unparalleled. And so [we] wanted to be able to find a solution to, you know, getting him taken care of and having him continue to lead the way for our team, for our defense. And, you know, we had a feeling it was trending in the right direction when he was at our wedding on Saturday night. So, a lot of good things have happened the last couple days for me.”

It’s a BIG deal — $95 million over three seasons — and a BIG deal for the Rams that the defensive lineman returns for a ninth season.

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  1. Fantastic News! It will be interesting to see how it all is paid out. Knowing Les Snead, there’s some salary cap magic happening here.

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