Sean McVay reiterates the Rams “would love” to have Odell Beckham return

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Sean McVay invited the Rams’ team captains and some retired players to his wedding over the weekend. Odell Beckham was not invited but showed up anyway.

“Odell and I had a great relationship,” McVay said on I Am Athlete Tonight on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. “I mean, I love Odell. So only in Odell’s fashion could he be the wedding crasher at our wedding. He showed up and crashed the wedding.

“I said, ‘You crashed my wedding, you re-sign with the Rams then, man.’ That’s a given right there.”

Beckham tore his ACL in the Super Bowl, and the Rams have made other moves at wideout since his injury. They signed Allen Robinson and traded Robert Woods to the Titans but continue to leave the door open for Beckham’s return.

“We would love to have Odell back,” McVay said. “It’s one of the reasons really why we ended up pursuing Allen Robinson the way we did. I thought it was such a big deal. We all know the year Cooper Kupp had. I love Van Jefferson. He’s a really good player that’s only going to continue to get better. But then when you bring Odell into the mix last year, I thought he did a great job of really when you’ve got two guys on opposite sides of the formation based on how they want to change the math on the back end, when you’ve got a guy in a lot of these three by ones that can come to life and be automatic for some of those backside isolations, I thought that’s where Odell really allowed us to see how big a part of our offense that’s got to be based on the landscape of the league and some of the ways people are trying to defend you.

“He was a baller. Want to try to be able to get him back. Would love to work with him every single day.”

Beckham was “looking great” on the dance floor, McVay said, with Rams team physician Neal ElAttrache reminding the receiver to take it easy. It took Beckham 11 months to return from the first ACL tear of his left knee. His most recent surgery came Feb. 22.

The Rams, though, hope to re-sign Beckham and have him join arguably the best receiving corps in the NFL.

“Would love to have Odell back, and if he’s ready to do this thing again, nobody would be more excited than me to have him back with us,” McVay said.

Beckham signed with the Rams last November and caught 27 passes for 305 yards with five touchdowns in the regular season for Los Angeles and added 23 receptions for 339 yards with three scores in the postseason.

6 responses to “Sean McVay reiterates the Rams “would love” to have Odell Beckham return

  1. OBJ crashing McVay’s wedding speaks volumes about OBJ’s narcissism and inability to think beyond his own self interest.

  2. Given his career with the Giants and Browns it would be a good business decision to sign with the Rams and get another Ring. Run it back Odell!!!

  3. Could someone please explain to me again about how the salary cap applies to 31 NFL teams, but is not applicable to the Los Angeles Rams.

    Was this a clause inserted into the most recent CBA? Just trying to understand-

    Thanks in advance-

  4. The surprising thing here is that McVay didn’t invite OBJ to the wedding.

  5. smartcollegefootball says:
    Could someone please explain to me again about how the salary cap applies to 31 NFL teams, but is not applicable to the Los Angeles Rams.
    Answer – how did the Rams have 8 draft picks this year? The Rams let rookie and journeyman players walk when they are ready for a big payday. “You’ve been great for us. You’ve earned a big contract. Go out into the market and get what you are worth.”

    When these players leave, the Rams get compensatory draft picks. And if things don’t pan out for those guys on their new team, they can usually come back to the Rams.

  6. If we have Cooper Kupp, Alan Robinson, OBJ, and Van Jefferson, it will open up the run game and throws to the TEs. Plus, every defense loves defending a lead.

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