Akiem Hicks feels “spoiled” to be back with Tom Brady

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Defensive tackle Akiem Hicks saw a lot of things go on in Chicago over six seasons with the Bears, but he never saw the team land an elite quarterback to lead their offense.

Hicks won’t have to worry about that with his new team. Hicks signed with the Buccaneers at the end of May and that means he’ll be able to watch Tom Brady run the offense while he’s on the sideline this season.

It’s something Hicks experienced after being traded from the Saints to the Patriots in 2015 and when he was with Drew Brees in New Orleans and something he’s excited to be experiencing again this year.

“Something I’ve thought of often is that when I came into the league I had Drew Brees and Tom Brady as my first two quarterbacks,” Hicks said, via the team’s website. “And then I went to Chicago – it wasn’t Drew Brees and Tom Brady, let me say that, right? I feel spoiled to have somebody on the other side of the ball that can deliver all the time, and he’s proven it over the years.”

Hicks said that “it benefits a defense to have a quarterback that can control the clock, the ball and the field position.” Brady’s adept at all three of those things and that should help Hicks’ bid to return to the postseason in 2022.

3 responses to “Akiem Hicks feels “spoiled” to be back with Tom Brady

  1. Bears have never had a QB, Hicks still played with two of them that MVPs. Hicks also made the playoffs twice with Trubisky.

  2. Hicks is a good player, disappointing that he took the lazy way out and piled on the QB’s in Chicago. Obviously they weren’t great but the Bears problems ran much deeper than that. Not every team has a QB like Brees or Brady, so if you wanted one of them as your QB you should have signed with the Pats/ Bucs or Saints. Oh that’s right, either they didn’t want to sign him or wouldn’t pay him as much as the Bears did so he decided to stay in Chicago. Take the high road and don’t bad mouth the organization that paid you millions ….

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