Commanders will unveil new fight song, mascot

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
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The Washington Commanders’ continued effort to rebrand will come with a new fight song and a mascot in 2022.

The team announced that it will have a new fight song this season, which will be performed for the first time at the preseason opener on August 13.

It is unknown whether the fight song will simply be “Hail to the Commanders” sung to the same tune as the old song, or a completely re-written song. Commanders President Jason Wright has said he thinks the name Commanders fits well with the old fight song, which the team used from 1938 until it temporarily began calling itself the Washington Football Team in 2020.

The Commanders will also unveil a new mascot, with fans involved in the selection process and the mascot introduced during the Commanders’ final home game.

28 responses to “Commanders will unveil new fight song, mascot

  1. They’ll never be same to me… Dan should of never caved in.

  2. Did Tanya Snyder assist with this too? One can only hope! I’m sure this new song will be as “awesome” as the new name and uniforms!

  3. “Have a Commander. Welcome aboard” To me, a Commander will never be anything but a cheap cigar.

  4. Willing to bet $1000 that if Snyder bombs his Congressional testimony, they move the release of the fight song and mascot up to the day after….

  5. Still a silly name. Hogs was the obvious choice and Washington did what Washington does.

  6. The Homecoming king & queen will also be announced, and don’t forget to vote for student council this week.

    WFT was a great name – wish they had kept it.

  7. Guesses about the new Commanders fight song:

    We Didn’t Start the Fire
    It’s The End Of The World And We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
    The Wreck of the Washington Commanders – to the tune of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
    (tell me why) I Don’t Like Sundays – to the tune of I Don’t Like Mondays
    Wake Me Up When the Season Ends – to the tune of Wake Me Up When September Ends

  8. In case it isn’t completely obvious to everyone by now: Dan Snyder is intentionally choosing the worst possible name/logo/uniform for the team. It should be no surprise when the new fight song and mascot are equally terrible. Snyder knows he MIGHT not have much time left to complete his mission: Completely Destroy the Washington Redskins Franchise. (I say MIGHT because of the .01% chance he’s forced out as owner this year). Snyder’s “big lie” is that he grew up a fan of Washington and it was always his dream to own his favorite team. That, clearly, is not true. He grew up hating the Washington team. He grew up a Dallas fan, just like many other losers in the DC area. Snyder has done everything possible to destroy what was once the #1 pro franchise in all sports. His actions are now exposed as fully intentional because clearly, there’s no way anyone could have done this by accident.

  9. I’ve seen in my 60 years ,teams in the NFL/NHL/ NBA and the MLB ,relocate , change team names and logos , become defunct ,BUT I have never seen a franchise eaten alive by a dysfunctional and arrogant owner and DESTROY a team. Heck of a feat.

  10. All of the hate these guys get makes me root for them even more! It’s gonna be hilarious when they beat up on your favorite team!

  11. Don’t you have to have some fight to have a fight song? New Mascot? Can’t wait to see it flush!

  12. iIs letting the fans choose the mascot the same as letting the fans have a choice in the name

  13. Since I keep inadvertently keep calling them the Commodores, I think the mascot should be Lionel Ritchie and the fight song should be Easy, because that’s what it’s gonna be like to beat’em.

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