Cooper Kupp reiterates he’s not trying to reset receiver market

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Matthew Stafford signed a four-year, $160 million extension this offseason, and Aaron Donald received a three-year, $95 million contract this week. Two down, one to go for the Rams.

Cooper Kupp signed a three-year, $47.25 million extension in 2020 that he has outplayed. He is due a new deal after becoming the first receiver since 2005 to lead the league in catches, receiving yards and touchdown receptions and earning Super Bowl MVP honors.

Stafford’s total deal is tied for fourth-most among players at his position, and Donald’s reset the market for defensive players. Among receivers, Tyreek Hill has a $30 million average per year and Davante Adams $140 million in total value.

Ten receivers now have deals that average more than $20 million a season, including seven that signed this offseason.

A reported asked Kupp on Tuesday if he was seeking a deal that would reset the market for receivers.

“No,” Kupp said, via Gary Klein of the Los Angeles Times. “I’m not trying to compare myself. I’m not trying to say, ‘OK, well where was Tyreek at? All those guys that got deals, where were all those guys at? And I need to be higher than them in certain places.’”

Kupp doesn’t have a timeline for completion of a deal, and he reiterated he wants a contract that makes sense for both sides.

“I want this to be something we can work on together,” Kupp said. “Something that’s great for the team, something that’s great for me and my family as well. That place exists, and it’s just getting there.”

18 responses to “Cooper Kupp reiterates he’s not trying to reset receiver market

  1. Whether he likes it or not, Kupp resets the market. Either he gets paid full value and resets the current top end to a mark that players will use to negotiate with teams as the new max, or he gets paid under value and resets the market to a lesser mark that future teams will use to negotiate with players as the new max.

  2. I believe the reset of the receiver market has already been done for him…. It’s just a matter of him deciding where he wants to be located in it….

  3. Can someone who is a close family member hold Cooper’s head under a cold faucet until he gets his senses back. Wake up Cooper, they do not care about you, do what is right for your family if for nothing else.

  4. So the one guy who actually deserves to be the highest paid WR in the NFL is the only guy not throwing temper tantrums about it? Hmmmm

  5. Get Your Money Cooper !! , Your team is giving out cash like its candy and everyone has their hands out Why shouldn’t You ? Everyone knows being the nice guy gets You nowhere.

  6. Ahhhh…a guy who appreciates the hand that feeds him and his family. Refreshing!!

  7. “Cooper Kupp signed a three-year, $47.25 million extension in 2020 that he has outplayed”

    That seems like a very subjective statement

    Just because some teams are paying stupid money for players doesn’t mean all teams should do the same

  8. Just ride the wave, Cooper. You will be handsomely rewarded for being one of the few receivers actually worth that money.

  9. He’ll get paid 9 figures, but only $1M will count towards the salary cap!

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