Derek Carr would welcome Colin Kaepernick: We’d get along great


The Raiders worked out free agent quarterback Colin Kaepernick on May 25, the first time in five years he has gotten a private tryout from an NFL team. The Raiders have not moved to sign him, and thus, maybe they won’t.

But starting quarterback Derek Carr said he would welcome the addition of Kaepernick to the quarterbacks room.

“Well, I know Colin,” Carr said, via video from the team. “I’ve known Colin since our days playing in the WAC conference, which is no longer a thing. My gray hairs may start to make a point for that. I remember our days back then, just watching him and what he did in college and getting to know him and talking to him on the phone and things like that. I’ve loved my time with him. I think he’s a great guy. He’s been great to be around him. I’ve enjoyed being around him, talking with him, competing against him. Josh (McDaniels) told him they were doing it and all that kind of stuff. I literally said the same thing I’m telling you: I was like, ‘I’ve enjoyed my time around him. I love him. Him and I would get along great.’ My brother (David) knew him a little bit from San Francisco. He’s like, ‘I love Colin. He’s awesome.’ I think Colin would just have to answer more questions than all of us would have to: ‘Why hasn’t it happened? Why this? Why that?’ But for me it would have been just fine. I enjoyed my time with him.”

The NFL has blackballed Kaepernick since he took a knee during the national anthem to protest racial inequality in 2016. Kaepernick settled his collusion grievance against the league in 2019.

But he continues to campaign for a job, and the Raiders are as close as he’s come to getting a chance to return. Kaepernick last played in 2016. The 49ers cut him in March 2017, and other than a visit with the Seahawks five years ago, no other team had expressed any interest in Kaepernick until the Raiders worked him out last month.

The Raiders have Nick Mullens, Jarrett Stidham and Chase Garbers on the roster behind Carr, but Carr said he wouldn’t have any qualms about the team signing Kaepernick.

“For us, I think it’d be great,” Carr said of the acceptance of Kaepernick in the locker room. “I don’t want to speak for everybody. . . . I know him and I would get along great. I know we have in the past, and I think we would again. I think for the most part, I think he’d get along just fine with our guys.”

39 responses to “Derek Carr would welcome Colin Kaepernick: We’d get along great

  1. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t happened because Kaepernick wants too much money, especially considering he hasn’t played in 6 years.

  2. Make it happen so Florio can let it go and we can stop the Watson talk for a minute. He deserves it more than Watson ever will.

  3. I know you feel like you need to push the kaepernick thing, but maybe be a little less biased than proclaiming that “the nfl has blackballed him for racial justice protests” as proven fact? State the actual facts and let your readers think for themselves.

  4. The league hasn’t blackballed Kaepernick. The NFL organized a private workout for him where all teams were invited to observe. Kaepernick sabotaged his own showcase by changing the venue 2 hours before the event was supposed to begin.

  5. “Black Balled” has a specific meaning.

    A reasonable and logical case can be made that Kap didnt get another job because most of the fan bases were unhappy with him(unhappy fans matter) combined with his insistence that he only wanted to be considered as a starter. .

  6. “The NFL has blackballed Kaepernick since he took a knee during the national anthem to protest racial inequality in 2016.“

    Stop it. Tell the full story or don’t say anything. NFL teams will sign ANYONE (ask Cleveland) if they think the pros outweigh the cons. Mr. Pig socks didn’t make the cut.

  7. “The NFL has blackballed Kaepernick since he took a knee during the national anthem to protest racial inequality in 2016.”
    he chose to leave his team for FA expecting a large payday but got nothing because his actions on the field didnt warrant a starting job… and he refused to accept anything less, thus keeping himself out of the league

  8. Of course he would, like talented people flock together!

    The Raiders are the ultimate 3rd string or worse QB team in the NFL.

  9. How is opting out of the last year of a deal getting cut? The last year of his 49ers contract was a player option that he voluntarily opted out of.

  10. Thumbs up if you would rather have Kaepernick on your team, thumbs down if you would rather have Watson!

  11. I’d certainly like to see it.
    It would also allow for the kind of swagger the Raiders had in the ’60s–rebuffing the norm and all that.
    I hope he can be an integral part of the team.

  12. Kaepernick may get his chance but he will never beat out DC in Raiderland. He could be used in similar ways Mariota was and some team may then pick him up as a stop gap until a younger option comes along.

  13. The Raiders are the biggest clown show in the NFL. From Gruden and Mayock to Mack/Adams disastrous trades to Colin Kaepernick! Top all of it off with moving to Vegas. You can NOT make this horrific franchise stuff up.

  14. vottorific says:
    June 7, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    Not a Raiders fan. But I like Derek Carr and his game.


    I’m not a Raiders fan neither, but it’s common knowledge no matter how much anyone “likes” Derek Carr – it won’t make him a starting QB in the NFL.


  15. If the Raiders wanted him he’d be signed by now. He might get a call if something happens to Carr, but I doubt it.

  16. You folks need to move on. Every week during the season you cheer for abusers, drug users and outright criminals. But a citizen expressing his shared belief that the country needs to do better you want to tar and feather him. I guess you folks never protested an injustice in your life. I would love to live in your world.

  17. Colin Kaepernick might be starting for the Browns once Watson gets suspended and Baker tells the Browns to take a hike when they try to beg him to be the starter again.

  18. Of course Carr doesn’t mind…it’s only going to make him look like Johnny Unitas compared to Kap.

  19. What else can Carr say? Anything counter to that would be immediately labeled racist.

  20. Record in final NFL season as starting Qb before being blackballed:
    Tebow 8-5 (with playoff win)
    Kaepernick 1-10

  21. You’d get along great all right. For about 5 minutes until he decides he deserves your job and goes on media publicity tour to have you thrown off the team.

  22. The fact that he’s saying this tells me that there is zero chance the Raiders are signing Kaep.

  23. Note that Carr said absolutely nothing about Kaepernick’s ability to play football, or anything about whether the Raiders or any other team should sign him.

    Effectively, all Carr said was that if showed up for work one day and CK was there, he would get along with him. I think it’s a safe bet Carr has been told exactly what the team thinks of CK’s workout performance and Carr knows that he’ll never have to actually deal with CK in the QB room.

  24. Be careful what you ask for Derick. The first bad game you have the raider nation will be calling for your benching. For that reason I say sign him.

  25. My actions matter to my employer. Nobody in the media is going to take up my cause to keep my job if I say or do things that upset my employer, or upset my employers business prospects, and I get fired. Is it because I don’t have the same entitlement as a former NFL player? Or is it because I’m not a member of a privileged group? I’d say things worked out pretty well for Colin, however his star is fading. It would be easier to keep the grift alive if he had the notoriety of being an active NFL player. The extra cash would be a bonus, but pale in comparison to the massive cash dump he received as part of the BLM funding drive. Carr’s flaw is his sensitivity, and his desire to be seen in a particular light. Sometimes you have to be an assassin, and just not care what anyone else thinks. Sometimes, you have to be single minded and selfish. You can say what you need to the press, but if you are ever going to get to the next level, you’re going to need a single minded focus, and I do not see how bringing the circus to town is going to help you. Now, will it help Mark Davis avoid trouble with the league offices? Perhaps. But if I were Carr, I’d privately be waiving this off. Bring in another QB. ABC. Anyone But Colin.

  26. 6 years ago , players and fans could publicly speak up for patriotism and against disrespecting our flag and national anthem. Today? Not so much without getting reamed.

  27. Kaep’s best season was 8 years ago and he hasn’t played in 5 plus. At this point in their careers, Mullens and Stidham are better.

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