Jordan Davis has lost weight since starting practice with Eagles

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout
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Eagles rookie defensive tackle Jordan Davis weighed in at 341 pounds at the Scouting Combine, but no one was calling him fat after he ran a 4.78-second 40-yard dash. That was an unprecedented display of combined size and speed.

But while Davis may not have needed to lose any weight to move around like a man much smaller than him, he says he has been dropping a few pounds since he began working with the Eagles this offseason.

“I think I look a little bit slimmer,” Davis said, via “I look in the mirror and I’m like, man, I’m getting toned. My arm muscles are looking good. My mom says I’m slimming down. My face is getting slimmer. I think that’s just the continuous work. It’s every day, it’s something. It’s just work. We put in that work, it’s obviously just gonna fall off. And just keeping in mind, I’m getting paid to do what I do. I’m getting paid to be at my peak. Just working down and cutting down. You can’t just go out and eat everything in the world. You have to have everything in moderation.”

Even a slimmed-down Davis expects to weigh somewhere in the 330-340 range during the season, so no one is ever going to call him skinny. But he’s working toward his ideal playing weight, which may be a little lighter than he was at the Combine.

9 responses to “Jordan Davis has lost weight since starting practice with Eagles

  1. The only thing this monster is gonna BUST is right through that porous Cowboys offensive line.

  2. 330-340? That is massive especially running at full speed and landing on a QB or a RB. Good luck to QBs in that division.

  3. Guy’s got all the physical tools, but he also is wired the right way too. Davis very well may turn out to be a steal drafted outside the top ten. Has beast potential written all over him.

  4. Mailata is the largest Eagle (officially 346), but between Davis and Landon Dickerson it’s pretty close race for 2nd place. Dickerson is listed at 333 officially. I think these official weights are low though.

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