Mo Alie-Cox: Matt Ryan is similar to Andrew Luck in how he wants things

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Quarterback Matt Ryan has drawn plenty of praise from his new team since the Colts acquired him in March.

Tight end Mo Alie-Cox played just one year with Andrew Luck as a rookie in 2018. But Luck left an impression and the tight end recently said there are ways Ryan reminds him of the now-retired QB. Ryan is liable to quiz his teammates on different plays in the hallway at Colts headquarters, which is something Alie-Cox said he loves.

He’s kind of similar to Andrew, in how he demands things, how he wants things. He’s on us,” Alie-Cox said, via Joel A. Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “If we get it wrong, he’s going to come out there and coach us. That’s something you want from your quarterback.”

Alie-Cox added that when the offense is lined up on the field, everyone has to be on high alert.

“He’s checking a lot of plays,” Alie-Cox said. “A lot of the plays are getting checked, off the coverages, because we have an advantageous look.”

At age 37, Ryan is on the back end of his career. But at least during the offseason, Ryan’s skill and experience appear to be an upgrade from what the Colts went through with Carson Wentz last year.

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  1. Hey is this also a “thinly veiled shot at Wentz” like when the owner praises Ryan? Or is this just plain old praise of Ryan with no ulterior motive to make Wentz look bad, like when the coach praises Ryan. I can’t tell.

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