Nick Sirianni: I’m noticing a big difference in Jalen Hurts

Philadelphia Eagles Offseason Workout
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The Eagles made significant moves on both sides of the ball this offseason, but they didn’t do anything to change the top of our quarterback depth chart.

Jalen Hurts closed out last season as the starter and remains in that spot despite some questions heading into the offseason about whether they’d try to make a change. That could be back on the table if Hurts fails to make progress during the 2022 season, but head coach Nick Sirianni said recently that he’s seeing growth from the third-year player.

“I’m noticing a big difference,” Sirianni said to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN. “What I see is a crisper ball. The accuracy I’ve been very pleased with. You can just see him taking strides every single day with his accuracy because of the fundamentals he has with his feet and his upper body.”

The Eagles will be looking for the same kind of difference in Hurts’ play once they hit the field this fall and seeing it would be a big step toward a long run in Philadelphia for the quarterback.

8 responses to “Nick Sirianni: I’m noticing a big difference in Jalen Hurts

  1. Jalen Hurts is going to be a Hall of Fame quarterback with multiple Super Bowl victories for the Philadelphia Eagles. And I can’t wait to watch it unfold.

  2. The truth will come out once the season starts. Will the Eagles go with their preferred air attack or will they go with a run attack as they did last year to cover up Hurt’s passing game weaknesses?

  3. Only a matter of time until Sirianni opts to go with the pure passing option, Gardner Minshew.

  4. Typical preseason hype that usually is about gimmick players. Jaleen Hurts has had plenty of time to show he has positive intangibles. He has shown the direct opposite. He runs instead of allowing plays to develop. He is unable to process the field quickly. And he can’t read defenses. He is a running back.

  5. Hurts has had the same issues in his game for years. Even with a college coach who got the best out of his QB’s he still never improved on those very short comings. He has not improved in the NFL either. He is not an NFL level starting QB unless he has an offense that is 75% running the ball. He cannot read a defense quick enough and can only hit one side of the field. None of his issues can be fixed with mechanics.

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