Odafe Oweh thinks he and David Ojabo will “wreak havoc” for Ravens


The Ravens took an edge rusher familiar with defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald’s scheme when they selected David Ojabo out of Michigan in the second round this year and that’s not the only link that Ojabo has with a member of the organization.

Ojabo went to high school with 2021 first-round pick Odafe Oweh and Oweh thinks both players have their “best years of football” ahead of them as they team back up in Baltimore. Ojabo will have to finish rehabbing from a torn Achilles, but Oweh predicted his teammate is “just gonna soar” once he’s healthy and that the duo will “wreak havoc” on opposing offenses.

“You’re getting a freak, man. He is a natural savant in pass rushing,” Oweh said on The Jim Rome Show. “You can see it in the way he spins, you can see it in the way he takes the edge. He’s just a bendy, twitchy dude.”

It remains to be seen when the Ravens will get the two edge rushers on the field at the same time, but Oweh isn’t the only one in Baltimore with high hopes for what it will mean to the defense once they are back together.

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  1. Hey. Cut that out. If there’s bragging to be done that’s the Eagles’ job.

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