Orlando Brown Jr. is “very confident” of getting a long-term deal

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Now that Chiefs left tackle Orlando Brown Jr. has hired an agent, the sides can get down to the business of getting him signed to a long-term deal. They have until July 15 to get it done or Brown would have to play 2022 under the one-year, $16.66 million franchise tag.

Brown expects a new deal, but he also made a veiled threat Tuesday to sit out the season in the absence of a deal.

“Very confident. Very confident,” Brown told NFL Media on Tuesday. “Especially simply based off the things that have come into effect within our division, the type of defensive ends that have been brought in, the type of players and all of that type of stuff. It’s not the year to go into the season with a backup left tackle. So, I’m very confident that the Kansas City Chiefs will get that done.”

Indeed, the Chiefs don’t have a great option behind Brown. They need him after the Raiders added Chandler Jones to pair with Maxx Crosby; the Broncos have added Randy Gregory to go with Bradley Chubb; and the Chargers now have Khalil Mack opposite Joey Bosa.

“These are guys that are the best in the world at their position, which is what I love to compete against,” Brown said.

The Chiefs traded for Brown last offseason. He started 16 regular-season games for the Chiefs, missing one game with a calf injury, and earned his third consecutive Pro Bowl.

9 responses to “Orlando Brown Jr. is “very confident” of getting a long-term deal

  1. Why add that comment OBJr? I hope something gets done, but him sitting out a year would hurt him as much as it would hurt the team. A guy who got a pro bowl nod because of Mahomes, Kelce and hill and a top rated center and perennial pro bowl guard in Thune…. It’s not like he came in and made anyone relevant. He’s a piece, not THE piece. Get it done, without any cheap shots…

  2. Good but not great tackle. Name recognition gets him in the Pro Bowl. Kolton Miller is easily better. In a passing league, an elite pass pro LT trumps a run grader every day of the week.

  3. I’m actually glad the Ravens got rid of this kid. It’s sad to see this in him after his father was such a humble guy.

  4. lol!!

    This guy isn’t even that good. The Chiefs really have themselves backed into a corner with soon to be bloated OL contracts.

    Mahomes, Thuney, Brown, Chris Jones, etc, all will make some of the biggest contracts in the entire league.

    Brutal cap management. You draft to keep costs down. Trading picks to pay and rent is just dumb.

  5. Do NOT sign this guy to a long term deal. He is a middle of the road LT. Veach, admit your mistake and move on.

  6. If the Chiefs would trade Tyrek don’t think they wouldn’t ship Orlando out in a heartbeat. You’re not a top 5 LT. Top 10 maybe.

  7. Orlando Brown Jr. You played “okay” last year. YOu do not deserve to be the highest played left tackle in the NFL. Go Ahead and sit out the year buddy. We will be alright WITHOUT You.

  8. 1127 snaps played with 4 sacks allowed and had 7 penalties. All 4 sacks were allowed in the 1st 5 games. 2nd in the NFL for tackles with a 81% win rate on running plays. Made the Pro Bowl and is 26 years old. Pretty sure the Chiefs will be keeping him.

  9. I think I have a pretty good idea of how the Chiefs are spending some of that Tyreek draft capital they acquired next year.

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