Treylon Burks has been dealing with asthma at Titans practices


Titans first-round pick Treylon Burks said recently that “everybody is going to have setbacks” as they make their way into the NFL and one of the ones that Burks is going to have to deal with has revealed itself in the early days of his pro career.

Burks had to leave his first practice early and he’s missed other time during the team’s program as well, including Tuesday’s practice. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel didn’t say what was keeping Burks off the field, but wide receivers coach Rob Moore said in his own media session that asthma has been contributing to Burks’ issues this spring.

“It’s unfortunate,” Moore said, via Turron Davenport of “Some of the things he’s dealing with are out of his control. The kid has asthma.”

Burks was acquired with the first-round pick the Titans got from the Eagles for A.J. Brown, so he joined the team with the expectation that he’d be moving right into the lineup. Moore said Burks “understands what the expectations are” and that he remains excited about what the rookie will be able to do once he can “get himself healthy.” Given the role Burks is set to play, the sooner that happens the better in Tennessee.

5 responses to “Treylon Burks has been dealing with asthma at Titans practices

  1. Something that would have been nice to know BEFORE the draft. How does this not come out as part of standard due diligence?

  2. If that’s what has been holding the kid back, I genuinely feel bad for him. Asthma is an awful disease. I hope he gets all the treatment needed to help him live a healthy life and hopefully get on the field.

  3. For those wondering about teams not doing due diligence or him not bringing it up. I’m guessing his asthma is very new to him, just a mild side effect to a perfectly safe vaccine.

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