Brian Daboll: Saquon Barkley “impressive,” glad he’s on our team

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Giants running back Saquon Barkley said earlier this offseason that he is tired of “the BS that is said about me” before pivoting to say that he hopes to “prove to this organization that the player they drafted is still there.”

It’s not clear what Barkley objects to about the way people talk about him, but he’d have no need to prove anything to the Giants or anyone else if not for how things have played out with his health and production. He missed all but two games in 2020 because of a torn ACL and then returned to average 3.7 yards per rush in his 13 appearances during the 2021 season.

While there was some chatter about the Giants looking to trade him off of those two seasons, the team held onto the second overall pick from the 2018 draft and he remains a central piece of their offensive plans this season. On Wednesday, Giants head coach Brian Daboll suggested that Barkley’s efforts have been well received so far this offseason. He called the running back “impressive” and said he’s “glad” that Barkley’s on the roster.

“He’s been good. He’s been able to do everything we’ve asked him to do. . . .  The routes we’re asking him to run, his quickness, his ability to get in and out of breaks, his long speed. It’s all good,” Daboll said, via SNY.

If Barkley can return to the production and availability of his first NFL seasons, the Giants will have a decision to make about re-signing him for the 2023 season and beyond. It appears he’ll be getting every opportunity to show that he can do those things this fall.

5 responses to “Brian Daboll: Saquon Barkley “impressive,” glad he’s on our team

  1. Ask him to play the whole season and then see if he does everything you ask. Seems like he’s got a little bit of the J.J. Watt syndrome…. Goes way too hard in the gym and ends up injured on the field. Both phenomenal talents who couldn’t find balance.

    The Bills seems to be one of the healthiest squads last year because they don’t let their players do any squats during the season. Meanwhile Saquan is out there putting out insane squat medley’s.

  2. Giants Should have never drafted him. Not knocking Barkley,just saying the Giants should have traded that pick for more picks.

  3. Should give the Giants money back; This guy doing 600LB squats on social media, then he tears his knee. Hopefully he focus on football, makes for a more interesting division.

  4. When he was healthy, it was a no brainer to give him his 5th year option. Injuries have set him back the past couple of seasons. Since he was guaranteed $8 mil for the season, no one was trading for him – so the Giants have nothing to lose by trotting him out there. Would like to see him do well, but like most chatter in the preseason (no pads, no pass rush, etc), ill reserve judgement until the games are actually played.

  5. I don’t think he was anything but average even when healthy. It’s easy to say injuries ruined his career but even when healthy he never justified the high draft pick. Certainly not worth a big contract moving forward.

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