Brian Flores: My focus is on the Steelers, I try to live in the moment

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Brian Flores’ offseason began with getting fired as the head coach of the Dolphins and continued with filing a lawsuit against Miami, the NFL and other teams related to their hiring practices before he took a job as the Steelers inside linebackers coach.

That lawsuit is ongoing and is likely to have an impact on Flores’ chances of getting another head coaching job in the future, but Flores insists that football is all that is currently on his mind. During a session with reporters on Wednesday, Flores said he wants to put himself and his players on “an every-day journey to try to improve and get better.”

“My focus is really on today, this team, this practice,” Flores said, via Brooke Pryor of “I try to live in the moment and not think about things that have happened in the past or really went too far in the future. I’m really excited about the opportunity here.”

Flores was asked about recent enhancements to the Rooney Rule that are meant to increase minority hiring and said he’s “all for” more opportunities, but that he would “kind of leave it there” in terms of a response to the specific changes.

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