Browns excuse Baker Mayfield from mandatory minicamp

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When Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski spoke to reporters on Monday, he had no comment on whether the team would excuse quarterback Baker Mayfield from next week’s mandatory minicamp.

According to multiple reports, the Browns have now revealed their decision. Mayfield has been excused from taking part in the sessions in what the team called a mutual decision and he will not be fined for missing any sessions.

Mayfield has not taken part in any work with the Browns since they completed a trade for Deshaun Watson in March. Attempts to move Mayfield to another team have thus far been unsuccessful, which leaves his $18.858 million salary for the 2022 season on Cleveland’s books and leaves the first overall pick in the 2018 draft in limbo until a development arises that pushes him to another team.

That impasse and Mayfield’s ongoing recovery from left shoulder surgery made his excusal the likeliest course of action for the Browns to take. The 49ers made the same call this week with Jimmy Garoppolo, who had surgery on his throwing shoulder as the team pivoted to Trey Lance as their starting quarterback.

Both quarterbacks could wind up moving on at some point before the start of the 2022 season, but they’ll have to settle for being non-participating members of their current teams for at least a little while longer.

41 responses to “Browns excuse Baker Mayfield from mandatory minicamp

  1. Baker is handling this all wrong. The Browns don’t want him to be there. They don’t want the distraction, and they don’t want him to get hurt on their premises – because then it all but eliminates their ability to trade him, and they are forced to pay him his salary.

    If Baker truly wants to be released, or traded sooner, he needs to not be so quiet. He needs to go to camp, and workout. That will escalate the pressure for the Browns to do something.

  2. If the Browns didn’t have this historic self-created mess Mayfield would be at the facilities meeting with trainers, nutritionists, and marketing. Don’t tell us Mayfield is not there because of his shoulder. I am positive there are other Brown’s players at the facilities rehabbing.

  3. How about a straight up swap of mayfield for Jimmy G? They both want out.

  4. Baker Mayfield owes the Browns nothing. NOTHING!
    And I’m not even a Mayfield fan. But that organization has done him so very wrong.
    Mayfield should dig in and demand his release or a trade. Let the Browns sink and drown in their decision to give nearly a quarter billion dollars to a serial predator who likely will be suspended this season.

    The Browns in good conscience can’t com back to the girl they promised to take to prom and then dumped her after she bought a dress for a prettier girl…..only to find out she couldn’t go to the prom, and now come back and ask her to go again. Nah! Walk away Baker. Walk away.

  5. It’s 2022 and the Bengals are building an indoor practice facility coming off a SB appearance.

    Meanwhile, the Browns have chosen to ostracize their former 1st overall QB who not only got them to the playoffs but hung 48 on the Steelers….. for a man who is accused 24 times over of sexual misconduct.

  6. 2020 was no fluke. Dude leads this horrible franchise to the playoffs and out of irrelevance and they threw him to the dawgs. They get what they deserve.

  7. FREE Baker!

    Baker is SO much better than the Browns organization….
    They are stifling his career with their inadequacy!

  8. This is beyond sad now. I loved the Browns being a winner again and making the p[layoffs as a fan of the NFL. It looks like the Factory of sadness is back for a while.

  9. If the Browns were smart they wouldn’t have traded for Watson with the situation he’s in but since they did trade for him they should excuse him from the team until he gets these cases resolved and serves his suspension because even if he’s able to play this year he’s going to be a negative distraction until he settles his cases.

  10. I get Mayfield being pissed…but it would seem his best revenge would be to show up ready to play, be a model employee & teammate, start the year and quite possibly finish it, and have a great season making the Browns look even more foolish for trading for Watson. Then leave and find a new team that actually wants him…

  11. Baker is literally the 10th or 11th best QB in the AFC right now, and the Browns upgraded to arguably a 1op-5 QB. But yes, please continue to tell be how the Browns are gonna Brown, the laziest take in the NFL.

  12. I am waiting for the time when DW is suspended. What will the Browns do then, bring back BM or write the season off with whomever the current backup is? It appears Jimmy Haslam has fired up the machines and the Factory of Sadness is ready to start producing again.

  13. Why aren’t you telling the story of the over 20 players on the roster who refused to come back if Baker was still a part of this team! Baker is a locker room cancer.

  14. As a Raven’s fan I gotta admit I find this entire Watson/Mayfield story incredibly fascinating. Brown’s ownership and leadership team are worth and/or make million$$$ of dollars, and these are the decisions they’re settling on?

  15. maybe we can put to rest ..Baker will never be the Browns QB this year !!

  16. Baker is doing the right thing. Force a trade Baker you owe them nothing! Let them enjoy the new face of their franchise, and all of the baggage he’s bringing

  17. What is wrong with this franchise? It doesn’t seem to matter who their owner, GM, or head coach is – they always come out looking like the Clown Prince of the NFL.

  18. I’m a Stillers fan and I feel bad for Baker Mayfield.
    The Browns just need to cut him loose so that he can sign elsewhere.
    The Browns GM has an all-black QB room, he must be so PC proud of this.
    I see the Browns falling right back into last place in the AFC North thanks to their idiot GM.

  19. All is well!

    Andrew Berry is a 34 year old GM of an NFL team. Let that sink in.

  20. Never been to Cleveland never cheered for the Browns but man I really do feel bad for Cleveland fans. Not there fault the Browns decided to go all in on Watson. Not gonna be a Happy ending.

  21. Jimmy G doesn’t want out of San Francisco. The Niners don’t want to pay his salary if he’s going to be a backup.

    Baker is a different story. He wants out of Cleveland. He was treated poorly. Like him or not, he played while injured and risked his carrer…..and they go out and empty Fort Knox for Watson

  22. Good thing they have a “grown up” in Deshawn Watson there instead of Baker.

  23. Satan says:
    June 8, 2022 at 1:36 pm
    What is wrong with this franchise? It doesn’t seem to matter who their owner, GM, or head coach is – they always come out looking like the Clown Prince of the NFL.

    Right, well, Jimmy Haslam is the architect of the current situation. He also forced them to draft Manziel, so that shows his football intellect. He is one of the worst owners in the NFL, and he is the one who keeps destabilizing the organization with his foolishness.

  24. Comparing the QB situations of the Browns and 49ers is laughable. We all know an apple from an orange.

  25. Seeing the Browns are drooling to fire / release Mayfield FOR CAUSE,… it’s probably best he’s not in the house. If they can let him go with cause,… they don’t have to pay his salary.

  26. Classic Brownism yet again! Continues to be worse ran Organization in NFL!

  27. Sucks for Baker! I thought Baker fit the City of Cleveland perfectly. Someone who has always had to fight for respect. Someone who is a little different. Someone with a chip on his shoulder. I didn’t like the draft pick when they took him based on talent, but I loved his attitude and thought he could make Cleveland relevant again.

    I am sad to see him being screwed by the factory of sadness.

  28. He should report and “pull a hamstring” making a trade impossible and guaranteeing him a year of couch-potato’ing.

  29. Remember when Eagles got a first rounder for Bradford due to late summer injury to Teddy? Hold tight and wait for an injury to cause another team to snap up Baker. If he tires to force himself out he has a very limited number of teams to choose.

  30. In only the Browns fashion could they potentially nuke the future of their franchise.

  31. If there is one QAB who can’t afford to miss camp it’s baker. He stinks.

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