Darnell Mooney: I’m ready for any task the Bears want me to do

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The makeup of the Bears receiving corps has been the subject of much conversation this offseason and few of the talking points have been positive ones.

Chicago saw players like Allen Robinson, Damiere Byrd, and Marquise Goodwin leave this offseason and they didn’t make any big splashes when it came to bringing in new blood, which has led to criticism for not doing enough to support quarterback Justin Fields in his second season. The exception to the negative view of the group comes with Darnell Mooney, who led the team with 81 catches and 1,055 yards last year.

Mooney said he feels he has “a lot more in the tank that has been hidden” and he will get a chance to reveal it now that he’s been bumped up to the top line of the depth chart. Mooney said recently that he’s confident he can handle that role.

“I’m ready for whatever anybody brings to me,” Mooney said, via Ehsan Kassim of the Gadsden Times. “I’m ready for any task, any type of defense that we’re seeing, whatever it is, anyway, I can help the team. You know, if I get double teamed, I’ll be a decoy for the team so everybody else can be open. I mean, I’m good with that. Anyway I can help win.”

Mooney said he believes Fields will be “amazing” this season and, if that’s the case, last year’s production should be the jumping-off point for an even better season for Mooney. That would be a win for the Bears on both fronts and a win for Mooney as it would send him into a contract year with evidence of his ability to handle the top job on a full-time basis.

6 responses to “Darnell Mooney: I’m ready for any task the Bears want me to do

  1. After the Vikings top pair, Mooney is the third best WR in the NFC North. Only the sun god in Detroit would be debatable.

  2. If he was 6’3 210 no one would be questioning his status as a WR1. As it is though, the skepticism is warranted.

  3. Can Mooney play Quarterback because that is what the Bears really need?

  4. This is the year the Lions are no longer the doormat in the NFC Central.

  5. vikings1234 says:
    June 8, 2022 at 1:37 pm

    This is the year the Lions are no longer the doormat in the NFC Central.


    After 67 years of Lions football and only one playoff victory to show in almost 7 decades and this guy makes a statement like that….not very bright there pal.

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