Derek Carr on Davante Adams: It’s been fun to have my friend back

Las Vegas Raiders Mandatory Minicamp
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Quarterback Derek Carr and receiver Davante Adams hadn’t been teammates since their final season at Fresno State in 2013.

Now nearly a decade later, they find themselves together again on the Raiders.

Carr and Adams have been getting their groove back during the offseason program, with the quarterback saying renewing their partnership has been “kind of surreal.”

“It’s been really fun for us. A lot of inside jokes from college and things like that just came back just like this on the practice field,” Carr said, snapping his fingers in his Tuesday press conference. “And we’re learning each other again as well. We’re both in a new system. It’s not really a system that we’ve been in before, so we’re both learning and growing through that. Like, ‘Hey, I’m going to do it like this next time.’ So we’ve had some fun plays.”

Carr relayed that the pair has also gone through some instances where things haven’t worked at first. But they’re easily able to talk through those issues.

“The relationship part of it is the easiest part because what we’re both saying to each other, we both understand each other. And we’re getting better. That part’s exciting,” Carr said. “But, again, him and I, we have a long way to go, just like everyone else. We’re learning, we’re getting better, and hopefully put a good product out there when it’s time to take the field.

“But it’s just been fun to have my friend back.”

8 responses to “Derek Carr on Davante Adams: It’s been fun to have my friend back

  1. Friendship doesn’t make you a better a QB. This is the NFL not college. This move will drain the Raiders into another rebuild after this season finish in last place in the AFC West.

  2. I’m sure the Raiders management feels it’s money well spent to bring a renewed friendship back to the Raiders organization instead of winning season.

  3. What a cute little sentiment. Doesn’t matter how friends you put together on this squad, no draft picks and Derek can’t play consistent at QB. This will be a loooooooooong season for the Raiders.

  4. You guys all sound jealous you don’t have Adams on your team. And you should be.

  5. Show us. Don’t tell us, please. Anyone think we’ll see Carr and Adams play together in any pre-season games?

  6. I’m just glad Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt get to play on the same team!

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