It’s my birthday, so buy my book

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I never mention my birthday, for a variety of reasons. (This year, I have 57 of them.)

But, as they made abundantly clear on Wednesday’s PFT Live, it is indeed the anniversary of the date that I emerged into the air and the light at a small hospital in Bellaire, Ohio. 1965.

I mention it now for one reason only. I’m still trying to sell books. So buy me a gift by buying yourself a gift. Order Playmakers today.

You can keep it. You can give it to one of the fathers in your life as a Father’s Day gift. You can rip out all the pages and sew them into a really uncomfortable blanket. Whatever you want. Just buy it. It’s still only $18.76.

I’ll now get back to hopefully making it through another 365 days so that I’ll have 58 reasons to not mention by birthday in 2023.

And by next year, I promise I won’t be trying to get you to buy Playmakers. No, by next year there will be a new book that I’ll pushing you to buy.

4 responses to “It’s my birthday, so buy my book

  1. Happy birthday, Mike. I have a signed hardcopy and the audiobook. It’s good.

  2. To be honest, I was holding out on the purchase because $17 is a little steep for an e-book. I finally broke down and bought it, and the book was actually worth it.

  3. Happy Birthday Florio. For the record, I ordered the book the second time you made mention of it. So you got an extra $10 out of me. So there you go Brother….a gallon of gas on me!

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