Matt Rhule praises Sam Darnold’s practice performance

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The Panthers badly need quarterback Sam Darnold to play better than he ever has before this season. He’s at least looking better at practice.

That’s the word from Panthers head coach Matt Rhule, who says that Darnold is doing everything the Panthers ask of him on the practice field.

“I thought Sam was outstanding today,” Rhule said. “Probably his best practice since he’s been here.”

Rhule said Darnold is throwing the ball on time, throwing good deep balls, and minimizing mistakes, all areas where the Panthers want to see growth from Darnold.

Darnold was a major disappointment last season after the Panthers traded a second-round pick, a fourth-round pick and a sixth-round pick to acquire him from the Jets, and the primary reason he’s still on the Panthers is that his $18.858 million salary is fully guaranteed whether he’s on the team or not. But as long as he’s going to remain in Carolina, the Panthers want to see growth from him. Rhule is seeing some growth, at least on the practice field.

7 responses to “Matt Rhule praises Sam Darnold’s practice performance

  1. Practice, what we talking about is practice. Seems like I have heard that before. How about lets move on to the new kid on the block.

  2. Go back and reread the article and replace PJ Walker in place of Darnold in the first four paragraphs…now it makes sense.

  3. If in your 4th year you look exactly the same as you did in your first 3 years it’s no longer a major disappointment.

    The disappointment was trading 2nd, 4th, and 6th round picks for a guy with 3 years of bottom-5 tape.

  4. Stop already. Everyone knows Darnold is not an NFL starting quarterback.

  5. Great practice QB’s have a history of being not so good regular season QB’s who don’t get to become playoff QB’s.

  6. Both Rhule and Darnold will be looking for new jobs by the end of this season. Glad to see they are supportive of each other.

  7. Rhule is on his way out the door in 2022 and Darnold is a first round bust. Simple as that.

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