Mike McDaniel: Offseason work gives us first quarter lead, but that doesn’t mean anything

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Mike McDaniel became the Dolphins head coach this offseason, so he has been running an offseason program for the first time over the last few months.

That program comes to an end this week and McDaniel was asked to reflect on how he feels things have gone to this point. McDaniel compared the offseason program to the first 15 minutes of a game while noting that jumping out to an early lead is a good thing that doesn’t mean the final score will be in your favor.

“We’ve had an offseason that we’ve been fully committed,” McDaniel said. “We’ve learned a lot. We’ve gotten better. I think that the coaches have done a great job and the players have really attacked this offseason, which I guess I would equate to the first quarter of a game. I’m comfortable to say the way they’ve worked — I feel like we have a lead in the first quarter. What does that mean? Nothing. How many games are you winning in the first quarter that you lose and vice versa. So we’ve positioned ourselves to compete at a standard that we’ve said from the beginning that we want to compete at.”

McDaniel rose to the head coach level through his work on the offensive side of the ball and Miami is looking for a leap forward on that side of the ball. He said he feels “extremely happy and confident” with how the unit has progressed before adding again that it “means absolutely nothing” if those gains aren’t solidified and built up once training camp is underway.

4 responses to “Mike McDaniel: Offseason work gives us first quarter lead, but that doesn’t mean anything

  1. As the world’s greatest Dolphin Fan I must say this guy (even though he has done NOTHING too) has me excited about their potential. Just hope they live up to the talent level on this team.

  2. Huge expectations. Will be hard to live up to them, especially with how loaded the AFC is. Better get a wild card at least.

  3. I would say the expectations are huge for them. They weren’t under the previous regime so I’m not sure how that has changed in the eyes of some. If McDaniel can even bring a fraction of the offense that San Fran has had recently then I’d say the Dolphins will do well. He seems to have his players ears which is saying a lot when it comes to professional athletes. I would say the change that would be most welcome is being able to compete with the top teams, wins would be nice but keeping a game competitive where your never out of it is what I’m looking for. It’s something that Miami has been lacking for many years. Last time they were competitive against the best teams we had Tannehill and Gase. I’m not talking about the Pats either, we’ve had more than enough success against them in recent years.

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