Virginia state senator calls Jack Del Rio’s January 6 remarks “the nail in the coffin” for public stadium funding

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Maybe Jack Del Rio should have stuck to sports.

The recent remarks from the Commanders defensive coordinator have become a complicating factor in the franchise’s effort to secure public funding for a new stadium in Virginia. State senator Jeremy McPike, appearing on 106.7 The Fan’s Grant & Danny, called Del Rio’s attempt to downplay the January 6 insurrection “the nail in the coffin” for taxpayer money.

McPike, who supported the effort as recently as February, said that (at least for him) Del Rio’s remarks end the issue. McPike also said that he had called off a Thursday meeting with team president Jason Wright.

That said, McPike already had been cooling to the situation. Late last month, he predicted that the eventual contribution from Virginia would be less than $300 million. Now, it apparently could be less than $300.

On one hand, I don’t like the idea of political retaliation, no matter how misguided and factually unsupported Del Rio’s supposed “opinion” regarding January 6 may be. On the other hand, it’s always something with the Commanders. Support already was waning due to some of the various other issues and controversies engulfing the team. It was all the more reason for everyone to tread a little more lightly.

That said, I no longer believe public money should be devoted to football stadiums. With the Broncos selling for $4.65 billion, it’s clear that the NFL’s owners can afford to pay for their own venues. Apart from any subsidies and tax breaks and other sweeteners that generate fewer headlines because they’re harder to explain, these teams don’t need the state or local government to be writing checks toward construction.

So even though I don’t like how it got there, I like the idea that Virginia is moving toward telling Daniel Snyder to pay for his own damn football stadium.

17 responses to “Virginia state senator calls Jack Del Rio’s January 6 remarks “the nail in the coffin” for public stadium funding

  1. YOUR Correct Tax payer money should not be used to fund NFL stadiums

  2. Stupid is as stupid does. Let those that are fans of the team pay for it teachers, the police, and firemen deserve more money before money should go to a private enterprise.

  3. The Washington Commanders NEED and DESERVE a new stadium. Let’s pull together to ensure that this happens. Buffalo and TN are getting public $$$ for new stadiums. Get this done now!!

  4. They weren’t going to get VA taxpayer money to begin with. It was said ny the senator call with the junkies over a week ago. Has nothing to do with the Del Rio comments.

  5. Del Rio’s views on Jan. 6th should have nothing to do with whether they get stadium funding or not.

  6. Anyone can open a commercial airline in the United States, as long as they meet the regulatory and capital requirements (both are substantial). These airlines use facilities (such as airports) that are at least partially funded by the taxpayers. I have no problem with the NFL using public funds to build stadiums as long as they too are open to competition (as long as capital and other requirements; health & safety, etc) are met. Perhaps then we’d get rid of this outdated monopoly where guys, most of whom have no real education or other skills other than playing with a ball (basically the first thing any infant learns to do) get paid $40M a year…a sum that takes a minimum of 400 yrs for someone making $100K to earn…perhaps under a true competitive system, these guys would get paid what they’re truly worth…about $100K a year.

  7. No nfl team should get funds. To tie it to something as silly as Jan 6th is assinine.

  8. When a team costs in the neighborhood of $5 billion, the owners can afford their own stadium. Especially with the other tax breaks that go with being an NFL team owner.

  9. nagasakee says:
    June 8, 2022 at 5:10 pm
    Yep, Del Rio’s comments come back to haunt him.

    He’s a coach, not the owner. He’s from California, not Virginia.

    Do you really think Del Rio cares that the Redskins aren’t getting a new stadium in Virginia?

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