Bucs’ Carlton Davis wants more interceptions and All-Pro recognition

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Buccaneers cornerback Carlton Davis believes that he has what it takes to be an All-Pro, and the only thing holding him back has been failing to catch every potential interception that came his way.

Davis, who intercepted just one pass last season, said his coverage stacks up with anyone in the NFL, but he needs to start making plays on more balls.

I’m an All-Pro corner 80 percent of the play, and the last 20 percent when the ball is coming, I’ve got to make that play,” Davis said, via the Tampa Bay Times. “And that’s going to be the big turning point for me in my career, because I’m always around the ball.”

Last year’s league leader in interceptions was Trevon Diggs, with 11, and he was also the leader in All-Pro voting at the cornerback position. Davis thinks he can do the same.

“My coverage is second to none,” he said. “But when I really dial in on my ball skills and just be a ball hawk, because I’m around it, that’s when I feel like I’ll get the notoriety and I’ll be able to make more noise than I’m doing now and really become [an All-Pro].”

The Bucs signed Davis to a three-year, $44.5 million contract extension this offseason, so the team obviously already views him as a top-tier cornerback. Adding some interceptions would by gravy.

3 responses to “Bucs’ Carlton Davis wants more interceptions and All-Pro recognition

  1. All Defensive Holding Team is more like it. Just watch his tape vs Stefon Diggs, total joke.

  2. Lol!!

    This guy is in no way All Pro level. This team is going to fall off big time after 2022.

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