Drew Lock trying to apply lessons from 2021 to this year’s QB competition


Drew Lock didn’t win a quarterback competition with the Broncos last year and he’s trying to put the lessons he learned from that experience to work for him in Seattle this year.

Lock told reporters on Wednesday that he “tried to compare” himself to Teddy Bridgewater while the two players were vying for the job in Denver and that it is “not good for your process of becoming a better quarterback” to do that. The competitive approach meant that he wasn’t working to make the team better and Lock said he’s trying something different this time around.

Geno Smith is the other aspiring starter this time and Lock said he’s working to be less adversarial this time in hopes that it yields better results for the team.

“We both understand that we’re both trying to be the starter for this team,” Lock said, via the team’s website. “We’re not stepping on each other’s shoes, we’re not getting mad at one another. It’s just, ‘All right, he took it that day, I took it this day. I broke us down this time, he broke us down this time.’ They need to hear both of us, they need to feel both of us. It’s been really nice, it’s been really easy. I appreciate the way Geno has handled it, and I hope he appreciates the way I’ve handled it as well.”

For his part, Smith called Lock “cool as heck” with “all the ability in the world” but it remains to be seen if all the good feelings will survive Pete Carroll’s ultimate call about who will be under center.

5 responses to “Drew Lock trying to apply lessons from 2021 to this year’s QB competition

  1. If you’re in a QB competition with Gino Smith you may as well retire

  2. There’s a reason the Seahawks keep bringing back Geno. From what I’ve heard he is a very good teammate. If anything, he’s teaching Lock how to be a grown-up and a professional, from what it sounds like.

  3. You mean to tell me Drew Lock might have learned something while watching from the sidelines most of the season?

  4. Geno has really good accuracy. Unfortunately Geno’s biggest problem is that his downfield passes are too flat for the NFL. He has very little arc on balls which makes it easier for defenders to get a hand on the ball. It also means most of his passes come at the same velocity, regardless of the route. If he was able to have better touch and drop the ball in a bucket he could (would?) be a very good QB.

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