Jonathan Allen unbothered by Jack Del Rio’s opinions

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Some outside the Commanders’ organization, including the NAACP, are calling for Jack Del Rio’s resignation or termination as the team’s defensive coordinator. Defensive tackle Jonathan Allen, though, isn’t one of those.

Allen, who has played for Del Rio the past two seasons, said he was unbothered by Del Rio’s comments comparing the 2020 social injustice protests to the insurrection at the Capitol in 2021.

“Me personally, I don’t care about his opinion,” Allen told JP Finlay of on Wednesday. “As long as he shows up every day and he works hard, that’s what I want from my defensive coordinator.”

In a Wednesday news conference, Del Rio shared his belief that there are “two standards” in conversations about the protests and the insurrection. He later tweeted an apology for calling the Jan. 6 insurrection a “dustup at the Capitol.”

“In my opinion, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion,” Allen said. “Some guys decide to share it on Twitter; some guys don’t. It doesn’t make one person better than the other. At the end of the day, you can have a difference in opinion and still respect one another. I feel like that’s what our country is about. That’s what our team is about.”

30 responses to “Jonathan Allen unbothered by Jack Del Rio’s opinions

  1. Count me as a Jonathan Allen fan. Everyone relax and move on with your lives.

  2. There are some elements that want to make having a different opinion illegal.

    Actually really scary.

  3. We must all think the exact same way. And by the same way, I mean the way the media elite tell us to.

  4. The player sounds more intelligent than the coach. The coach should be learning from the player in this situation.

  5. How did we get to this point where a person that doesn’t agree with your opinion must be fired?

  6. Not sure what the NAACP has to do with Del Rio’s comments on January 6. Kinda strange

  7. naacp will be calling for allens head next…
    can’t have people taking like they live in a free nation.

  8. Well said. People need to realize, you don’t NEED to use Twitter. You can just keep things to yourself.

  9. Agree we can being able to disagree on most things, but Del Rio’s thoughts on what happened on Jan 6 are pretty warped & honestly quite disappointing from someone that’s responsible to lead & direct many individuals on how to look & react to what they see….

  10. I guess people don’t get that when you are in a corporate setting, you don’t issue opinions that reflect poorly on the corporation. Go work a job that doesn’t pay you millions of dollars to shut your mouth and do your job, and feel free to say what you like. He, or any Coach in this league don’t have that luxury, and they knowingly bought into that.

  11. You’re entitled to your own opinion, and others are also entitled to judge you for it if your opinion is, you know, stupid.

    The first amendment will make sure you don’t get thrown in jail for expressing your opinion, but it won’t keep you from looking like a fool, or getting fired.

  12. Good for him. He has a football season coming up that he needs to concentrate on.

  13. Jack Del Rio is free to express his views. So is the NAACP. Express yourself. Just don’t pretend it does not have consequences.

  14. oldgoat says:
    June 9, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    I guess people don’t get that when you are in a corporate setting, you don’t issue opinions that reflect poorly on the corporation.

    Who gets to decide what opinions reflect poorly on a corporation? A lot of corporations express opinions that alienate a large proportion of their customer base. Am I not allowed to express an opinion that my employer hasn’t approved first?

  15. The problem with opinions is everyone has one. Add that some opinions are best kept to yourself. Comparing destruction of private property to an assault on the symbol of democracy for the biggest free nation in the world is dimwitted to say the least. Quite sure if BLM would of attacked the Capital the outcome would of been much different. That’s my opinion. Still, if we are going to judge every human by something stupid they said or posted, we as a world, forget country are doomed. Quite sure Del Rio is a pretty decent human and doesn’t deserve to be fired. If anything maybe he gains insights from others with a difference in opinion in his organization.

  16. Don’t know who needs to hear this but storming the US Capital and attacking policemen, plotting to stop the transfer of power…. Is NOT comparable to protesting in the streets. One is protected by the right to assemble and free speech… the other is treasonous. If you have any doubts about that spend some time watching the coverage of the Jan 6th hearings this week.

  17. A lot of the same people who raged against Colin Kaepernick’s gesture towards the U.S. Flag as “un-American” are trivializing Jan 6 as a gathering of protesters exhibiting their right to free speech. The hypocrisy no longer surprises me, but the cognitive dissonance is stunning.

  18. This team cannot have a coach who is supposed to be in a position of leadership yet exudes and condones racist ideology that will creep into the locker room and telling by the way this defense plays it already has. Del Rio is trash he can speak freely but there are consequences. It appears a lot of folks on this thread have similar morals and values as his which is not surprising at all.

    Team captain Jonathan Allen has a nerve saying anything considering his behavior on the sidelines fighting a teammate like some fool and his desire to have dinner with Hitler.

    Del Rio ,and Jonathan Allen need to spend less time on Twitter but use that same energy on the field on Sundays.
    The results say that they and this whole organization absolute failures on Sundays

  19. The way the defense performed last year.. it seems Jonathan is unbothered by the coach system too.

  20. loshorribles says:
    June 9, 2022 at 3:44 pm
    Killing police officers is not a ‘minor dustup’.


    No police offers were killed on Jan 6th. One tragically died of a stroke and 4 others sadly committed suicide. Look beyond the headlines of the corporate propaganda media machine.

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