Mac Jones: Bill Belichick has been very hands on with the offense

NFL: JUN 07 New England Patriots Minicamp
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Earlier this week, head coach Bill Belichick was spotted at New England’s minicamp practice making shotgun snaps to quarterback Mac Jones as part of a drill.

The moment was emblematic of a shift that has occurred during the 2022 offseason program, with Belichick being more directly involved with the team’s offense.

Belichick has been notoriously tight-lipped about who’s coaching what and how the offensive scheme will change after longtime coordinator Josh McDaniels departed to become the Raiders head coach. Jones didn’t give much away in his Thursday press conference either, though he did note just how much more involved Belichick has been with him this year.

“It was fun for me to get snaps from him,” Jones said. “But we were just talking through something with the running backs and, like you said, he’s very hands on. And last year, he was more with the defense and stuff. But now it’s like, ‘OK, let me show you this.’ And he’s kind of coaching us and coaching the running backs in that drill on the way that they need to get through the line of scrimmage. So he’s very hands on and I feel like we’ve made a lot of growth together as an offensive unit with him. And obviously personally with him as a quarterbacks group. So we’re all on the same page.

“He’s seen the most amount of football of any of our coaches. He’s seen defense, offense, and special teams so having his input is always going to be very beneficial to me because he knows what puts stress on the defense. And now with him being very hands on, he knows how we can stress the defense and how it’s going to play into our hand.”

While former Giants head coach Joe judge confirmed to reporters that he’s been working with quarterbacks, the team is reportedly leaning toward having former Lions head coach Matt Patricia call the offensive plays this season. But no matter who is in the headset, continuing Jones’ development in a positive manner has to be one of New England’s top priorities in 2022.

23 responses to “Mac Jones: Bill Belichick has been very hands on with the offense

  1. The same BB that has a 71-79 record without Tom Brady?

    This should go well.

  2. After dealing with a diva in the past few years, I’m sure Belichick is excited to work with a QB that takes coaching like Mac Jones. Can’t wait to see the results in the fall.

  3. Just like he did with Brady back in the day under Weis.

    For all you kidlings, BB made Brady. Tom Brady existed prior to 2007, Moss/Welker and the rule changes.

    Thanks for learning history.

  4. It would be a football dream to hang out at Patriots practice for a week.

  5. Has anyone asked Bill his response to his defense giving up a TD on each and every possession against the Bills?

  6. He must really not like what he sees. Look at the talent level, how could he?

    The Dolphins just gave you a “No.1” WR because he wasn’t fit to be their 4th. Mac Jones better go and watch a lot of 2020 Ryan Fitzpatrick highlights where he basically just threw 50/50 balls to Parker, who has the skill set to beat and CB (Or WR) in a jump ball situation. It’s great that he can do that but it’s not a skill you can build around or rely on.

    If you can get New England under 9.5 wins, it’s a STRONG play. Losing JC Jackson is going to further put this team behind on the scoreboard early. Any kind of philosophy Belichek is planning is going to go out the window quickly this year unless he’s facing bottom feeders.

    New England’s arrow is pointing straight down, especially given the state of the rest of the division with arrows pointing straight up (yes even the Jets).

  7. I love the smell of FEAR ….., the air is RIPE with it…. Just reading these comments puts a HUGE smile on my face….
    Bill is so worried he gave the team the final day of first mandatory TA’s off…. Yeah he seems really nervous about his team…..

  8. igar121 says:
    June 9, 2022 at 2:07 pm
    Good luck. Last game was losing to Buffalo by 30.

    And Buffalos last game was CHOKING in the playoffs, AGAIN!

  9. The AFC East is loaded this year. I have no idea where the Pats will finish this season but I fully expect them to compete hard. People outside of NE won’t understand it but both the fans and the coach are really excited about this young team and starting over. It sounds arrogant and ludicrous to say it but for the last 20 years our biggest question was if we would get a ‘bye’ week or not. All the radio heads talked about was contract beefs, Brady/Garoppolo drama, or other palace intrigue. The talking heads NOW are all caught up in who will be coaching who, or is Tom speaking to Robert? Etc. But for me, it’s fun watching these kids develop and seeing who makes the squad (nothings a foregone conclusion as in years past.) It’s fun looking over our shoulder and seeing all three other teams improve and yeah, pass us. I don’t miss Tom. I’m forever grateful for the thrills and the ride he and Bill took us on but he was ready for new challenges, it’s part of life. So is his coach and so are the fans.

  10. Lol…Watch Jones go backwards now that Belichick is hands on. That 71-79 WL record is about to get worse now that Brady is not there to save Belichick.

  11. “Its not a lie, if you truly believe it.” George Costanza and NE Fans who think this team is good.

  12. It is fun watching these kids develop


    No one developed in Patriots (better in second year) in last 20 years. They were either good in first year and stayed, or let go

  13. We win ball games…. with Tom Brady.

    Stick to the History Channel the next few years. You’ll be better off.

    Did Buffalo just score another touchdown?

  14. What is the odds of New England winning the division in Vegas, Bill is at his best when people count him out.

  15. No one developed in Patriots (better in second year) in last 20 years. They were either good in first year and stayed, or let go


    Says the guy who admitted yesterday he really doesn’t understand the other positions outside of QB….like I said before, you have no credibility- none.

  16. Ya, a student who was great on math in his first year of high school is also great in his final year in school, and knows a lot more about math.

    Ya, according to Belichick believers, it is because he “was developed” by a good teacher.

  17. 600 yards on 60 passes to him in first year vs 1000 yards on 100 passes to him on second year.

    Can’t Belichick believers see that there is no development in it? Unbelievable.

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