Matthew Stafford: I’m excited to see what Allen Robinson can do

Super Bowl Champion LA Rams hold mini-camp
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Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford was not throwing during the team’s offseason program after receiving an anti-inflammatory shot in his right elbow.

But Stafford has still been around the facility throughout the spring and has gotten to know one of his new primary targets, receiver Allen Robinson.

After four seasons with the Bears, Robinson signed a three-year deal with the Rams in March. Stafford admitted it’s tough to say how his chemistry with Robinson is developing because he hasn’t been throwing. But he’s picked up other things about the receiver.

“The one thing I am getting, being able to stand on the sideline some or really just taking the time between plays with jog-through and all that, just being able to just talk to him and talk him through things — I’ve been, very, very impressed with his ability to grasp our offense, his role in our offense, his understanding,” Stafford said in his Wednesday press conference. “Even when he might miss something or mess something up, the reason is so sound on why he did something — he heard this and thought that. And I’m like, that’s a great thought. And it’s really productive growth for him in our offense.

“So, I’m excited to see what he can do. And that room is a pretty special room as you look at it.”

In addition to Robinson, the Rams just locked up Cooper Kupp with an extension and have another ascending player in Van Jefferson to lead their receivers. Plus, the club could bring back Odell Beckham Jr. and Tutu Atwell appears poised to have a productive second season.

10 responses to “Matthew Stafford: I’m excited to see what Allen Robinson can do

  1. We’ve heard for years that Robinson has been held back by poor QB play. It will be interesting to see if that’s true this season.

  2. Last year, he was butt hurt because the Bears would not give a $20m a year long term contract and he had to play for $19m on the Tag. He checked out and loafed the whole season. Now that Kupp has signed for $10m more than him perhaps he will be butt hurt again!!!

  3. @firejerry you sound like a butt hurt fan. Robinson didn’t shut down anything, Oline was so bad the only effective offense with a legit qb was quick passes which isn’t his specialty. Once fields got in there was no qb so obviously he was frustrated however robinson is one of the top route runners and overall WRs in the game and with the attention Kupp gets this year dont be suprised if Robinson has an all pro season because he now has a qb who actually knows how to play the game. Im a bears fan but robinson has a qb now. No WR would have been happy playing with fields not knowing how to play especially in a contract year.

  4. Robinson showed he’s a quitter last season because he wanted more money and got paid less this season because of it. Do you really think with the sky rocketing salaries for WR’s he wanted to sign up for an average contract as he approaches age 30?

  5. Gonna be great for him and for the Rams. They will go to the Super Bowl again– nobody else in the NFC is that good. The Niners will take a big drop without Jimmy G, my Cards won’t get there with our QB, GB has nobody but Rodgers, NO will be terrible, Brady is too old. The AFC has multiple very good teams.

  6. Consistently argue with folks about ARob.

    He was tagged, he mailed it in. Poor stats. A nice pass thru his hands. At least one strip where the defender yanked it from him, I seem to remember it happening twice. Not to mention the give up on blocking.

    Why he didn’t dominate to collect a big pay day, beyond me. Mailing it in seems like a poor strategy.

    Mooney will have better stats (again) than ARon. Book it.

    Oh well, Good luck Allen and good riddance.

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