No answer yet on whether Roger Goodell or Daniel Snyder will testify in Oversight Committee hearing

House Judiciary Holds Hearing National Football League Players' Head Injuries
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On June 22, the U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Reform will conduct a public hearing on the Washington Commanders’ workplace issues, the 10-month investigation that ensued, and the NFL’s obvious efforts to cover up the findings and recommendations. The Committee have invited Commissioner Roger Goodell and Commanders owner Daniel Snyder to testify.

Last week, both the league and the Commanders said that a response would be made in a “timely manner.” To date, 13 days from the hearing, there has been no definitive answer from either the league or the team as to whether Goodell or Snyder will appear and testify.

Recently, the Committee disclosed that, while a final answer apparently hasn’t been given, a dialogue has begun.

“The Committee is in communication with the NFL and the Washington Commanders regarding its request for Mr. Goodell and Mr. Snyder to appear before the Committee on June 22,” the Committee said in a statement, via Fox 5 in D.C.

It remains to be seen whether they show up. Surely, the league is trying to get the Committee to proceed without them. If the Committee refuses to rescind the request, will they testify?

Goodell may have no choice, if the league wants to create the appearance that it’s being fully cooperative (even if, to date, it perhaps hasn’t been). As Peter King suggested earlier this week, Snyder may need a subpoena before he’ll even consider showing up.

If one or both testify, it will be interesting to see whether questions aimed at getting to the truth are answered truthfully and candidly, or whether they’ll try to erect a phalanx of privileges aimed at furthering the broader evidence to hide the facts.

That’s what they’ve been doing since July 1, 2021. Hiding the facts. Soon enough, we’ll find out whether that strategy will continue to work.

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