Pete Carroll on DK Metcalf: Crucial weeks coming up, hopefully we work it out

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Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf didn’t comment on his absence from the team’s mandatory minicamp this week, but most assumed it had to do with his push for a contract extension before the start of the 2022 season.

Metcalf is also working his way back from foot surgery, but head coach Pete Carroll suggested that the contract is the issue when he spoke to reporters from the team’s facility on Thursday.

Carroll said that it was a decision Metcalf “had to make” for himself and that the team missed having him around after he was in earlier in the offseason. Carroll also answered a question about where talks about a new deal stand at this point and his answer referenced the significance of the next few weeks.

“There’s been conversations,” Carroll said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “Pretty standard, kinda semi-quiet right now. Camp’s coming up. These are crucial weeks to get something done, we’ll see what happens and hopefully we can work something out.”

Rams wideout Cooper Kupp signed a new deal this week with an annual average of more than $25 million and there are other wideouts from Metcalf’s draft class looking for new deals at the moment as well. Developments for anyone in that group will likely help keep the wheels moving toward a deal for the others.

9 responses to “Pete Carroll on DK Metcalf: Crucial weeks coming up, hopefully we work it out

  1. Yes they do play hardball when it comes to negotiations. Normally they only negotiate when a player has one year left, as Metcalf does. Two or more and they won’t talk at all. (Reference Kam Chancellor’s holdout for example.) Since DK is on his last year they will negotiate in good faith. It will be tough for both sides but a deal will get done. Likely before the season starts, maybe even before camp. Something like 3 years at $25m per and 50ish guarenteed.

  2. Classic case of Pete talking with a mouth full of big league chew. Metcalf will be a Charger by the start of the season. With Herbert’s rocket arm and surfer charisma, and DK Metcalf’s best impersonation of Dennis Rodman, that will be a big time duo on and off the field

  3. Lots of guys can catch a football , without having to break the bank..Metcalf is ok but drops a lot of passes..Locket is way better…

  4. Locket is a more versatile receiver, but Metcalf is a great complement to him, and is a big play dude. I think that the Seahawks will work it out with him. Now if they can figure out who will be throwing to both of these receivers.

  5. Well for one he may be an athletic freak but he’s not Cooper Kupp. Kupp gets open far more often and is a regular contributor to the run game. Metcalf has already shown he’s prone to getting baited into mental stuff on the field and commentary off of it. Just because a couple guys from your draft class got paid doesn’t necessarily mean you will as well. He played with one of the best QBs in the league since he came in, that won’t be the case going forward. I would expect the Seahawks to get a deal done knowing that his production is going to take a major hit. It’s up to DK if he wants to except that money or be a headache for his coaches and teammates. Can’t expect him to get a deal that will reset the market when he’s not even the best WR on his own team.

  6. Idk why Metcalf is demanding a boatload of $$ when he is the 2nd best receiver on the team.

  7. Have to wonder how much a receiver is worth in a system designed around the run and short passes.

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