Todd Bowles: Tom Brady picked up right where he left off


As has been the case for years, Tom Brady did not participate in his team’s voluntary offseason program this spring.

But Brady was back at Buccaneers headquarters for mandatory minicamp this week as he readies for his third season with the club.

New head coach Todd Bowles said Brady didn’t look any different during practice.

“He picked up where he left off at,” Bowles said in his press conference. “He got to see things on the first day, the second day he was sharp as a tack, and today he was sharp. So you can’t say enough good things about him — his work ethic and what he brings to the team.”

Though Brady will be 45 by the time the season starts, Bowles noted there are still things the quarterback can improve heading into his 23rd year.

“Well, I think if you ask him, the best thing he can do to have a better season than last is to win the Super Bowl,” Bowles said. “I don’t think the stats matter as much to him as winning. If he can win a game throwing 20 times, he’s happy. If he can win a game throwing 50 times, he’s happy. So, the best thing he can do is keep winning and as he’ll tell you, he needs to work at everything constantly because this game catches up to you if you don’t constantly work at things.”

Brady led the league with 5,316 yards and 43 touchdowns last year, becoming a Pro Bowler for the 15th time in his career.

8 responses to “Todd Bowles: Tom Brady picked up right where he left off

  1. Hopefully he can score against the Saints this year. Shut outs are unheard of in today’s NFL.

  2. Tom Brady picked up right where he left off

    So it’s still January for him, it’s like the guy who got froze and then moved to Iowa in South Park

  3. touchback6 says:
    June 9, 2022 at 2:31 pm
    Disappearing for an entire half in the postseason again?


    The Pats entire defense disappeared for the entire game. The Bills didn’t even need a punter

  4. The Patriots’ defense actually began its disappearing act in December of last year. It culminated with the Bills not needing to punt.

  5. Man, did they ever. Jeez. So sad! Hating on Brady and losing to him is now an activity that has befallen a whole generation of people.

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