Chargers sign Isaiah Spiller

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 23 South Carolina at Texas A&M
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Running back Isaiah Spiller has signed his first NFL contract.

The Chargers announced Spiller’s signing on Friday afternoon. The fourth-round pick in this year’s draft agreed to a four-year deal. Third-round safety JT Woods is the team’s only remaining unsigned pick.

Spiller ran 541 times for 2,993 yards and 25 touchdowns over three seasons at Texas A&M. He also caught 74 passes and ranks seventh all-time on the school’s list of rushing leaders.

The Chargers have Austin Ekeler back at the top of their running back depth chart. Joshua Kelley and Larry Rountree are also back from last season, but Spiller should have a good shot at being the No. 2 back if he shows the same kind of productivity he did with the Aggies.

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  1. Texans GM Caserio made some moves in the draft that hopefully some sports journalist (are there any left, or only propagandists?) will look at in a year or two.
    1) Stingley over Garnder
    2) Passing on S Hamilton (Ravens get him) and instead taking the G from A&M
    3) Letting the Jets jump 2 spots, you only jump 2 spots to pass 1 team, and take the RB out of Iowa St….Texans then take S out of Baylor (had passed on Hamilton at S)
    4) Move up about 20 spots, giving up a kings ransom (high 3rd, a 4th and 2 5ths) to move in front of Baltimore to take Bama WR Metchie
    5) Move up in front of Balt again and take another Bama player (the LBer Harris)…in both cases thinking Ravens want the Bama players, Ravens instead take two other highly rated players (this is in addition to stealing Hamilton from Texans)
    6) Despite having a close relationship with A&M (it’s just up the road from Houston), including taking the G in the 1st round from A&M, Caserio takes the RB out of Florida instead of Spiller from A&M.

    Hopefully someone will do a follow-up in a year or two and give a fair evaluation of Caserio on a 1/2 dozen moves in the last draft that could easily have gone in a different direction.

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