Chris Carson on neck injury: No timeline for return, I’ll keep fighting

Seattle Seahawks v Minnesota Vikings
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Seahawks running back Chris Carson hasn’t received medical clearance to return from the neck injury that ended his 2021 season and head coach Pete Carroll said this week that Carson’s outlook for the future remains uncertain, but Carson isn’t giving up hope that he’ll be back.

Carson said that “no timeline” exists for him to get the green light for football activities at this point and that he is going to work to “keep building strength” until he gets the OK to resume his career.

“Oh, we still going right now,” Carson said, via Jonathan Adams of “I see myself playing until I feel like stopping. My mindset is never to give up. So, I’m staying positive like I said, and continue to fight and get back onto the field.”

The Seahawks re-signed Rashaad Penny and drafted Ken Walker in the second round, so they have options in the event Carson can’t make it back to the lineup.

6 responses to “Chris Carson on neck injury: No timeline for return, I’ll keep fighting

  1. I appreciate his desire to keep playing, but one bad hit and that could be it for the rest of his life.

  2. Still a classy guy. Driven, honest, and great teammate. Wish him the best.

  3. Are he and Michael Thomas perhaps using the same medical team? Big difference is desire to return seems high for Carson, but Thomas leaves the impression of trying to sabotage his recovery from the start.

  4. Why would he ever want to play with that team? With zero threat at QB, defenses will annihilate their backs

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