Cooper Kupp campaigning for Odell Beckham’s return

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens
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The Rams are stocked at the receiver position with Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Van Jefferson and Tutu Atwell, among others. But the team’s receivers room is big enough for Odell Beckham to return, Kupp said.

Kupp, who signed a three-year extension that will keep him in Los Angeles for the next five years at $110 million, talks to Beckham “a lot.”

I want him back. I want him to be a part of the Los Angeles Rams,” Kupp told Matt Audilet of The Spun. “We’ll have him come pursue a Super Bowl with us again. He was just such a great teammate, such a great person, incredible football player. I learned a ton from him. I want him to come back so bad, but that’s something that they’re working through.

“I’ll just keep asking him, keep asking him what it’s looking like. Hopefully one of these days he gives me the thumbs up that he’s got something and he’s coming back.”

Beckham remains a free agent.

Despite Beckham’s torn ACL in the Super Bowl, and the moves the Rams have made at the position, the team has made it clear it wants him back. Coach Sean McVay reiterated earlier this week that the Rams “would love” to see Beckham re-sign.

Beckham signed with the Rams last November and caught 27 passes for 305 yards with five touchdowns in the regular season for Los Angeles and added 23 receptions for 339 yards with three scores in the postseason.

13 responses to “Cooper Kupp campaigning for Odell Beckham’s return

  1. It’s going to be Really Funny when the Rams bring everyone back, pay out big money contracts and don’t make the playoffs.

  2. Signing OBJ will create more cap space. This is the new Rams math and is unquestioned.

  3. Kupp knows OBJ will draw the #1 CB at times. This will make it easier for Kupp to hit any intensive money he negotiated.

  4. When asked for a comment, coach McVay said: “The guy crashed my wedding….ate all the food & drank all the liquor. Didn’t even bring us a gift.
    I told him that we would overlook all that if he would take a minimum contract.”

  5. Why ODB, just trade future first round picks for Justin Jefferson and Deebo Samuel and give them both 100 mill. You got the cap space.

  6. How? Kupp has taken all of the slotted WR money on the roster. Shoulda thought of that first.

  7. If OBJ doesn’t get hurt during the Super Bowl he’s the MVP and it’s a lopsided win for the Rams.

  8. I would be remiss if I did not point out that the Rams cap math, is in fact, questioned, generally by ignoranuses, the I’ll informed, and haters more broadly. Thank you.

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