Davante Adams impressed with Hunter Renfrow: “He’s a lot like me mentally”

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Las Vegas Raiders v Cincinnati Bengals
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New Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams is loving the opportunity to work with Hunter Renfrow.

Adams said that it’s rare to come across a wide receiver who has the understanding of the mental side of the game that Renfrow has.

“I’ve been around a lot of people like Hunter [Renfrow], but there’s never been a fourth-year [guy] with the type of football acumen that he has,” Adams said, via USA Today. “His awareness and understanding why he does certain things. Because, there’s people out there with a lot of talent, but they can’t sit there and break it down and tell you why they did what they did with their footwork, or the next rep why they tweaked it a little bit because of a look they had. So, his awareness, his football smarts, he’s definitely ahead of his time, so it’s actually fun.

“Sometimes I’ll be sitting there talking to him in the middle of an offensive meeting and we’ll be talking about releases, and he’ll be talking about what he thought. And I’m like, this is fun. This is fun being someone who’s a lot like me mentally in the way that he approaches the game and the way I attack it. Always trying to find those small nuances, whether it’s something the defense is doing or if it’s something I’m doing. It’s been great. I’ve been learning from him, he’s been learning from me.”

Renfrow is coming off a 103-catch season last year, and while the arrival of Adams may mean fewer passes going Renfrow’s way, the two of them could make a great 1-2 punch in Las Vegas.

9 responses to “Davante Adams impressed with Hunter Renfrow: “He’s a lot like me mentally”

  1. I am sure the Raiders hope he is a lot like you when it comes to taking less money.

  2. This team is going to have the harsh reality of failure slapping them in the face by October. When they are 1-4 in October they will think they still have chance. When they are sitting in the Aria sportsbook betting on Rodgers in January they will be looking for new teams to join!

  3. A lot like you mentally?

    Does that mean Hunter Renfrow prefers not making the playoffs anymore like Adams?

  4. Davante Adams impressed with Hunter Renfrow: “He’s a lot like me mentally”
    Dos this mean Davante is impressed with himself?

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