Frank Reich: Matt Ryan “did everything right” during offseason program

NFL: JUN 08 Indianapolis Colts Minicamp
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As far as early impressions go, things apparently couldn’t have gone better for Matt Ryan‘s offseason program with the Colts.

The veteran quarterback was traded to Indianapolis in March. By all accounts since then, Ryan has easily won over his coaches, teammates, and Colts owner Jim Irsay.

As the team’s offseason program came to a close this week, head coach Frank Reich had plenty of praise for his new quarterback.

“Matt was unbelievable, did a great job, great command — really, A-Z. He did everything right — just great leadership, great play,” Reich said in his press conference. “I mean, the whole way he took command, great collaborating as an offensive staff with him to kind of work in and nuance some of the things we do to kind of suit him and his style. Kind of get to learn a few things about him, pick his brain about some of the things he did and what are the favorite things he did in Atlanta. Let’s see if we can incorporate a few of those things and kind of fit with us. So we got a lot of that done over the last number of weeks.”

When the Colts decided to replace Carson Wentz, they were looking for steady play and leadership from the quarterback position. They seem to have found it with Ryan.

Ryan, who turned 37 in May, completed 67 percent of his passes for 3,968 yards with 20 touchdowns and 12 interceptions for Atlanta last season.

12 responses to “Frank Reich: Matt Ryan “did everything right” during offseason program

  1. As a Saints fan – tons of respect for Matty Ice. He is an immediate upgrade for the Colts, and they will do well with him. And despite the Saints record vs Atlanta during the Payton era, Ryan was a formidable foe. (and happy we don’t have to see him twice a year). Good luck to the Colts – better days are ahead

  2. what else would you expect Reich to say….thought i heard the same ramblings last year with Wentz and look how that turned out…but Ryan is a much more polished QB and will provide better QB play than Wentz

  3. Wow. 20 touchdowns and 12 interception, That’ll be a big upgrade for the colts.
    Oh wait.

  4. Matt Ryan is the most underrated signing in the entire NFL. Glad the Colts are flying under the radar and not being picked by everyone like buffalo is. Remember the Colts demolished AFC favorite buffalo at buffalo last year with Wentz running things.

  5. @stevenp2510 Julio was gone, Ridley gambled and was gone entire season. Our best receiver was maybe a number 3/4 receiver on another team. We had a really good tight end; that’s it. That’s why his numbers were low.

  6. Wow. A guy in his late 30’s who’s job it is to throw a ball, something I learned at age 3, getting $40M/yr to do it, “did everything right” while in a t-shirt and shorts….wow, congratulations, lets now pay you $50M/yr. Anyway, I gotta go now, have to join a smash-n-grab, gotta get mine to pay for the $6/gal gas.

  7. Matt Ryan actually led his team to the Super Bowl while Carson Wentz just watched from the sidelines.

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