Kliff Kingsbury makes a joke about Aaron Donald and Cooper Kupp, and some flat-out missed it

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Comedy is hard. Spotting comedy can be even harder.

An example of each dynamic happened on Thursday, during and after a press conference from Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury.

A straight-faced tweet from Josh Weinfuss of ESPN.com regarding something Kingsbury said about Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and Rams receiver Cooper Kupp was interpreted by multiple media members as something that was something other than a joke. Even though it clearly was a joke.

Watch the video. Whether the effort was humorous is in the eye of the beholder. He may have slightly butchered the delivery. Regardless, he was not being serious about the things he said to Donald and Kupp while the three men attended coach Sean McVay’s wedding.

“I did my best to try and convince Aaron Donald to retire,” Kingbury said. “Obviously, that didn’t work. I thought, you know, I told him he’s accomplished all he can accomplish and it’s a great idea to go out on your own terms, all that. And then I told Kupp, I was basically like, I know you and Sean are friends, but stop taking that McVay discount. Hold out for the first three weeks and get something sorted out, and you can tell that did not work out, either.”

We know it’s a slow time. Regardless, anyone who thinks Kingbury was serious about what he says either has no sense of humor, no common sense, or is simply trying to generate disingenuous bait for clicks.

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