Ron Rivera fines Jack Del Rio $100,000

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Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio has faced harsh criticism and calls for his job after referring to the January 6 insurrection as a mere “dustup at the Capitol.” Today his boss decided that Del Rio won’t be fired, but will be fined.

Commanders head coach Ron Rivera released a statement harshly condemning Del Rio and saying his comments do not reflect the values of the team. Rivera has fined Del Rio $100,000, which will be donated to the Capitol Police Memorial Fund, but Rivera indicated that Del Rio will remain the team’s defensive coordinator.

“This morning I met with Coach Del Rio to express how disappointed I am in his comments on Wednesday,” Rivera said. “His comments do not reflect the organization’s views and are extremely hurtful to our great community here in the DMV. As we saw last night in the hearings, what happened on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 was an act of domestic terrorism. A group of citizens attempted to overturn the results of a free and fair election, and as a result, lives were lost and the Capitol building was damaged. Coach Del Rio did apologize for his comments on Wednesday and he understands the distinction between the events of that dark day and peaceful protests, which are a hallmark of our democracy. He does have the right to voice his opinion as a citizen of the United States and it most certainly is his constitutional right to do so. However, words have consequences and his words hurt a lot of people in our community. I want to make it clear that our organization will not tolerate any equivalency between those who demanded justice in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the actions of those on January 6 who sought to topple our government.

“After reflecting on the situation and circumstances, I have decided to fine Coach Del Rio $100,000, which the team will donate to the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fund. I feel strongly that after our conversation this morning, he will have a greater understanding for the impact of his language and the values that our team stands for.”

Del Rio previously issued an apology for his statements.

122 responses to “Ron Rivera fines Jack Del Rio $100,000

  1. No matter your opinion, stay off Twitter! It’s a garbage dump there!

  2. I now have a ton of respect for Ron Rivera. Wow. Very impressed. Now that’s leadership.

  3. Good. This sets a precedent for any person or player who expresses opinions that are not in alignment with company values. Or wait… didn’t the NFL already do this with Colin Kaepernick? At least Del Rio still has a job.

  4. I think the letter was enough to clarify the feelings of the org. Fining him $100k makes Rivera look like the bad guy and Del Rio the victim, eliciting the total opposite effect of what we’re going for here.

  5. Once again, Rivera standing up and showing himself to be apparently one of the few grownups in the league.

    One can question and debate what truly goes on behind any public action and who is involved in it, but time and again, from the start of COVID up to now, Rivera has repeatedly been a public voice of thoughtful reason and I don’t think that’s an accident.

  6. Not my Team, but if it was, he’d be terminated (fired). Free speech is freedom from persicution from the government for speech. Not speech without consequences.

  7. A ton of respect for Coach Rivera. There is no debate on 1-6. You either are for democracy or against it.

  8. It’s such a relief to learn that the Commanders have fixed all of their ownership, stadium, and football operation disasters, and now have the spare time to dabble in politics.

  9. Disappointing move by a formerly classy HC. Rivera used to be a great leader but now has given in to the mob.

  10. Loser franchise. Fine a guy for expressing his opinion.

    They won’t win anything ever.

    Washington Commodes

  11. When enough people figure out that extremes of both left and right are dangerous and silly, then we’ll all be better off. The NFL, too, would be best served staying in the center.

  12. Anyone you can watch the videos of January 6th and call it a dust-up is seriously out of touch with reality

  13. Public figures have a greater responsibility in everything they do and say ,it goes with the territory. Hopefully jack will reflect on that next time he decides to give his uneducated opinion.

  14. He was fined for expressing his opinion not related to the NFL. This is your America, language police.

  15. When it comes to being punished for freedom of speech it’s almost always a one way street…

  16. The comment above is correct — freedom of speech does not apply to private employment settings. However, while the Commanders have the right to can him, and I may not believe in his political beliefs, it is a shame that an employees would face termination just for stating political beliefs or interpretation of political events (obviously an event where 5 people were killed and the chambers of congress stormed is hardly a dust-up).

  17. Sad that Rivera wants to play thought police. You can agree or disagree with JDR’s statements but fining stifles free speech. Of course JDR should not state his on company time as it may come across as team position.

  18. Well, now we know why the Raiders fell apart in 2017. Thanks Jack, you’re clueless. He stinks as a d cord almost as much as he did a HC….

  19. Ron Rivera is a class act. And donating the money to the United States Capitol Police Memorial Fundis the right thing to do.

  20. Oh please tell us coach, what are the values of the organization? Ask Dan Snyder because he’s such an upstanding citizen of our society.

  21. All of you crying about freedom of speech thinking it also means freedom from consequence lmfao when you represent an organization, you need to mindful of the things you say. You can argue about what he actually said all you want, but this is how the adult world works.

  22. I’m awestruck at the people who don’t understand what the 1st amendment applies to and where it’s a non factor.

  23. This is beyond ridiculous, fining a guy for expressing an opinion.

    NFL still hasn’t done a thing about Deshaun Watson. Priorities.

  24. Normally Rivera is the only one that makes any sense in Washington, but this isn’t one of those times. Just talking to him and telling him to keep his mouth out of politics would have probably sufficed and move on. Fining someone for free speech sets a BAD example.

  25. Reading these comments it amazes me how many people still don’t understand the concept of what freedom of speech is. It’s the freedom of consequences from the government first speech not freedom from consequences of your employer or a social media platform or anything like that

  26. All of you whining about DelRio’s 1st Amendment rights…when you’re at work sometime stand and address the room repeating his comments–or send out a mass email…then get back on here and let us know how that went for you…

  27. I’m constantly amazed by the number of MENSA scholars & constitutional law experts who claim to love America and the Constitution but have no idea how to interpret it or the process of amending it.

    Jack Del Rio is free to say what he wants when he wants. His employer is free to take punitive action in response to his speech, up to and including termination for cause.

    For everyone attempting to paint Del Rio as a victim, why don’t you “back the blue” and put your money where your mouth is and donate to the same fund the Commanders used for Del Rio’s fine?

    And while you’re at it, find someone who knows how to read and ask them to read the Constitution to you. It’s a marvelous document whose genius is that it can always be changed.

  28. The event at the Capitol was indeed domestic terrorism and the people who took part should be punished. But the protests in the wake of the Floyd tragedy were simply “those demanding justice”? There was massive destruction of property, looting, buildings burned to the ground, the National Guard had to be called in and businesses had to be shuttered for days after. It was at least as bad as what happened at the Capitol… if you don’t believe me, I wish you should have experienced it, living in fear for days, as I did as a resident of Minneapolis. BOTH events were unlawful and both are unacceptable. (I am not including those protested peacefully… I applaud and support them.)

  29. Not sure what a fine does, he still said what he said. No matter your view everyone has a right to an opinion. Now jack, in the position he is in should have just stayed of stupid social media. Focus on developing a crap team. #Twitterfingers.

  30. Everybody that thinks this was a “dust up” needs to watch the hearings. If you refuse to watch or dismiss the hearings you are part of the problem.

  31. @Bengal

    Anyone who sees videos of Jan6 and calls it an insurrection is seriously out of touch with reality.

    Del Rio was 100% correct.

  32. if one is being objective, then in the context of civil unrest and considering the amount of federal buildings firebombed and destroyed, police buildings taken over, police attacked, centers of city cordoned off and made lawless and zero prosecutions for any of it, it’s hard to even call Jan 6 a fracas or a fray, let alone a dustup.

  33. Stop patting Rivera on the back. I live here and know, as none of you do, that Del Rio has been doing this for the 3 years they’ve been here. Rivera has said and done nothing. In fact, even after Del Rio did a press conferene doubling down on this, Rivera said that he was going to do nothing. But then Virgina pulled the funding for the stadium calling his statments “the nail in the cofin” and even the NAACP called for his firing. Instead, Rivera gives him a slap on the wrist! He won’t miss $100k, and that’s if the owner isn’t going to just give it back to him as a bonus. Nothing has changed and they’re not taking this seriously!

  34. Excusing the BLM riots also won’t sell to a vast majority of the NFL ticket buying base.

  35. Why not donate the money to family of the unarmed woman who was murdered by a USCP officer who has an history of failing to proper handle his weapon?

  36. Typical silence and fine everyone who doesn’t share your political views and thoughts. Ron Rivera has let his true colors show for quite some time. He will keep spewing his views because that’s what most of the owners and liberal nfl like to hear and that’s the only thing he has left that keeps his name relevant. Del Rio is a way better coach than him but isn’t drinking the liberal kool-aid.

  37. Anyone who calls Jan. 6th liberal kool-aid has already has 2 gallons of Trump acid in his system.

  38. Commanders continuing to be the biggest joke in the league! rivera trying to do his best SS impression.

  39. A thumbs down for Ron Rivera is a thumbs up for traitorous insurrectionists.

  40. Jan 6th is nothing more than a whistle for current sheep and future Hitler youth. It’s a complete set up to get the lower-than-average intelligent half who only think with emotion, no reason, to utter garbage such as Ron Rivera just did. If Pelosi had simply assigned the troops Trump asked for, well documented (not even the committee stooges can wipe that from the official record), nothing would have happened; the Capital Police would never have murdered an innocent bystander. Pelosi didn’t assign the troops as the socialists do what they always do, propaganda…same reason the primary inciter, the FBI guy that’s in all types of videos inciting the crowd, the guy that they’ve now hidden, is nowhere to be seen. This is all a Hollywood type set up for dumb people to buy. It’s what the politburo always does…it’s what Hollywood does…it’s not real people…look at the facts…if you have an above average IQ you’ll figure it out, if not, you’ll agree with Rivera.

  41. The team I was a fan of is long gone. Thiis is about the last nail in the coffin

  42. Those complaining about Rivera, you know, he could have just fired him on the basis of Del Rio creating a hostile workplace. And considering his charges are mostly African-American, he probably should have. Del Rio just made Rivera’s job exponentially harder. Again, free speech does not extend to the workplace.

  43. 100k fine is an over the top reaction against a man expressing his opinion. Free speech consequences have been one sided of late. Censorship to silence a different opinion has been weaponized by the party in power and by the media that continues to fail at presenting the facts and campaigning for that party. I find it interesting that government energy to investigate 6 Jan does not apply to the BLM and Antifa riots that raged through our cities with numerous casualties. Double standard much? You bet…

  44. Ron Rivera just went from fondly regarded coach of my beloved home team, to a stooge who has memorized a silly script.

  45. Y’all feeling hurt cause they fined Del Rio 100k. Look it up… dude is worth like 85 million dollars. Like he’s hurting for it, or it’s non proportional to the amount he makes. THINK.

  46. 100k fine is an over the top reaction against a man expressing his opinion. Free speech consequences have been one sided of late. Censorship to silence a different opinion has been weaponized by the party in power and by the media that continues to fail at presenting the facts and campaigning for that party. I find it interesting that government energy to investigate 6 Jan does not apply to the BLM and Antifa riots that raged through our cities with numerous casualties. Double standard much? You bet…


    I’m pretty sure the former gov’t blamed BLM and Antifa for 1/6.

    Fact – Was not true

  47. Do coaches’ contracts really permit the team to issue massive “fines” for saying something that is politically unpalatable? My boss can’t fine me a week or a month’s pay for saying something stupid at work.

  48. So Rivera cares more about a drug using, woman beating,drug dealer than the truth? I used to respect him

  49. He should sue Rivera. This is a message to conservatives. Screw the constitution, you better shut up. And don’t expect help from the media.

  50. Trump has not and WILL NOT be found guilty of “insurrection”. That term was applied to describe the Jan 6 events by
    far left dems, RINO’S, and endlessly by their propaganda machine, the MSM, INCLUDING NBC.
    For Jack to refer to it as a “Dustup”
    was mainly insensitive to Ashley Babbitt’s
    family who lost their daughter when she was murdered in cold blood for ZERO reason by a Capitol police officer who was then hidden from the public eye for MONTHS.
    Jack should sue the hell out of Rivera and the Commanders for violating his 1st Amendment right to free speech. Rivera doesn’t a have leg to stand on.

  51. I’m now a Ron Rivera fan. There sure is a lot of mouth breathing, nut jobs on PFT

  52. So, what exactly are the views of the organization? If you disagree with Rivera and Snyder you get fined for your thoughts? Jack stated his opinion on the incident. If he would have said he agreed the Capital Incident was an terrible thing….would he have got fined? You are not allowed to have your own opinion.
    Organizational views are on full display it seems, on how they handle their cheerleading staff and other females that works their. Bet Jack has a different opinion on that too!!

  53. Corporations (all workplaces, really) are LEGALLY allowed to set rules of conduct for their employees. Discussing politics, especially on social media, is not usually allowed.

    No business wants to lose business because they insulted one political side or another. The issue wasn’t that DelRio called the violent insurrection “a dust-up”. It was him PUBLICLY posting about that and BLM.

  54. Glad to see Googly Eyes get nailed for it. He coaches in DC for Christ’s sake. What a moron. So much for the GOP supporting police, right?

  55. Many of the posters that are sympathetic to the former president and his supporters have an end justifies the means mentality. The Proud Boys are unabashedly fascist whereas many of the political officeholders that support MAGA are crypto-fascist, supporters of authoritarianism without directly saying so. Virtually all of them wanted Trump to retain presidential power despite losing not only the popular vote but the electoral college as well.

    Del Rio called the insurrectionists actions a “dust up” while Officer Edwards termed it “carnage”, “hand to hand combat” and “a warzone”. Was Del Rio exercising free speech or was he spreading a bald faced lie to assist an ongoingcover-up?

    The violence planned and carried out on 1/6/21 began before Trump, Giuliani, Brooks and Eastman stoked the crowd to go to the Capitol. The Proud Boys, after standing by as instructed by the then president, initiated the attack, setting the stage. It wasn’t a spontaneous reaction.

    The objective was to stop certification of the vote and a number of representatives and senators were playing their role of challenging the electors of a number of states won by Biden. Trump’s own Vice President, having rebuffed the losing candidate’s pressure to refuse certification, became a target of the violence.

    The president didn’t take action to protect the Capitol. He gleefully watched it on television. No patriotic American can excuse or minimize the president’s dereliction of duty nor the damage done to our democracy.

  56. We’ll times are definitely changing when you can’t say anything for fear of retaliation. What he said was technically wrong, it wasn’t just a dust up. It was a bunch of clowns thinking they could storm the capital and keep their guy in office. On the flip side the violent protests that took over the country were equally disgusting. They weren’t peaceful and they too led to people losing their lives. We have a right to peaceful protests people, not criminal activity. Forcing your way into the capital is a crime just like vandalism and destroying private and government property is a crime. What happened to the adults? Seems like a bunch of bad decisions small children would make.

  57. cardcor says:
    June 10, 2022 at 6:31 pm
    Trump has not and WILL NOT be found guilty of “insurrection”. That term was applied to describe the Jan 6 events by
    far left dems, RINO’S, and endlessly by their propaganda machine, the MSM, INCLUDING NBC.

    Someone needs to watch the Jan 6th committee hearings. Sometimes the truth hurts, but it’s still the truth. To call this propaganda is foolish. Fox news is propaganda. They don’t want their viewers to watch so they won’t even cover it, they even pulled all commercials during the hearings so people wont turn the channel. This may be the worst act of treason in our countries history and most Trump supporters won’t even try to get the facts.

  58. The hearings being televised are of a committee with 7 members chosen by Democrats and 2 Republican members appointed by Nancy Pelosi. I wouldn’t exactly call that a fair hearing. Is that how you would want your jury selected?

  59. Jack Del Rio has made millions of dollars as a life long NFL Head Coach, Coordinator, Position Coach, and Player. He should tell Ron Rivera to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. He can find another job for a different NFL team, no problem. Regardless of political persuasion, Jack has the right to voice his opinion (even if it is a minority opinion) without these kind of over the top fines and repercussions. It’s a bad overly “tough guy” look for Rivera. And as previously mentioned, an organization has the right to fire/fine an employee that doesn’t meet it’s standard of public persona/image. But if I were Jack, I wouldn’t cowtow to Rivera, I’d resign and go get a job at a less “woke” NFL team (if there is one), for money surely isn’t an issue.

  60. purpleguy says:
    June 10, 2022 at 3:34 pm
    The comment above is correct — freedom of speech does not apply to private employment settings. However, while the Commanders have the right to can him, and I may not believe in his political beliefs, it is a shame that an employees would face termination just for stating political beliefs or interpretation of political events (obviously an event where 5 people were killed and the chambers of congress stormed is hardly a dust-up).
    Please provide proof that anyone other than Mrs. Babbitt died that day…….smh….

  61. Ron Rivera is a coward who panders to the mob mentality. You people are out of touch with reality, might want to do actual research instead of basing everything off of what the news tells you to believe

  62. Jeffery Miller says:
    June 10, 2022 at 6:54 pm
    Some brave working Americans died during that “Dust Off”
    One woman, shot and killed by Capital Police! But, over 20 killed and billions in damages in the peaceful blm riots!

  63. Other than your facts are wrong, the BLM riots have nothing to do with Jan 6 and certainly do not justify what happened Jan 6th.

  64. Should he have phrased it that way? No. Should he lose $100K over it. Absolutely not. Rivera should have explained why it was foolish and insensitive, and then told the media that Del Rio was reprimanded.

  65. Del Rio was right. Insurrection narrative is ridiculous compared to those “peaceful” protests that causes 100s of millions in property damage

  66. Opinions are no longer accepted in the new United States unless they align with the left.
    Pretty sad, talk about ending democracy!

  67. Perhaps the reference to “Dust Up” is referring to no burning of the buildings, no guns were actually fired except one which was an unfortunate accidental death – and to be honest the Capital police felt more like security guards with a vibe of really trying their best by doing some shoving around … but aren’t really considered your typical harden cops. I could be wrong. But what do I know, I’m just an old friend of Roy Epps.

  68. Del Rio was right. Insurrection narrative is ridiculous compared to those “peaceful” protests that causes 100s of millions in property damage


    It was actually in the billions, but who’s counting?

  69. Ron Rivera outs himself as someone who has zero clue to the facts of the situations involved, and then fines his coach for wrongspeak like a good little authoritarian.

  70. It’s astonishing how many of our rights have literally evaporated just in the past few years. You can’t say anything now because of fear of retaliation. We are going to become a country that no longer respects debate in the public square. And that right there is the greatest threat to democracy…when people are too scared to voice their ideas and opinions. That’s what those in power. No more opposition. No more criticism. No critical thinking. Just obey and keep your mouth shut. That’s what we are now teaching our population.

  71. This is absolutely ridiculous. You’re going to fine someone $100,000 for expressing their opinion on a subject? Really?

    I hope JDR tells them to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine and resigns his position. He won’t though, his forced apology says otherwise, but I’m so sick of this crap that I can’t stand it. The NFL is absolute garbage these days and you guys can have it.

  72. There’s always debate but the truth that’s clear now:

    1. Trump lost the election due to the will of the voters. He lied when he said he won, going so far as to call it a landslide.

    2. There was fraud but that fraud was perpetrated by Trump and his associates who both encouraged and pressured government officeholders at the federal and state level to declare him a winner of states he didn’t win.

    3. Federal and state courts, including judges nominated by Trump, ruled in virtually every case (over 60) against Trump associated petitions to challenge voting results.

    4. Trump’s claims that Dominion voting machines were rigged were found to be baseless and networks that promoted that lie have renounced those reports under threat of civil litigation.

    5. The initial breach of Capitol Police lines were preplanned and effected by the Proud Boys, a far-right extremist group that Trump identified with during a presidential debate. Lies that it was Antifa and embedded FBI agents were dismissed by Kevin McCarthy in direct conversations with Trump.

    6. GOP claims that they “Back The Blue” were disproven on 1.6.2021. Trump was gleefully watching Capitol Police officers being attacked. He called what the insurrectionists were doing “love”.

    7. Never in the history of the US, aside from the Civil War and political assassination, had the peaceful transfer of presidential power been threatened. This was a coup attempt by a sitting president attempting to retain power.

    We have a significant portion of our society that claim to love our country, honor its constitution, support the police, want law and order to be paramount, and claim to defend liberty but the truth is they only support all of the above if they maintain minority control over the three branches of federal government, state government and culture. Absent that caveat, they will throw all of those principles away. Their leader is Donald Trump.

  73. What does “dust up” mean? It means “fight or quarrel.” It shades into meaning “no big deal, let’s forget about it.” The events of January 6th were much more than that. They were a sustained hours-long mob attempt to overturn the results of an election, an attack on the democratic foundations of this country, a brutal riot resulting in deaths. Anyone who can look at the events of 1/6 and see a “dust up” has a serious problem with perception. I would have thought a prime job of an NFL coach would be to see and feel reality clearly.

    The larger point here is, why would Jack Del Rio say “dust up” knowing that he would enrage some of his players, some people in the organization, and some people in the fan base? Not everyone, obviously, not even most people, judging from this thread, but a significant percentage of people — maybe one-third of people. Doesn’t the Washington team need all the friends it can get? Isn’t it the case that it needs a razor focus on putting a good team on the field? Wouldn’t it be better not to enrage two or three players on the defensive unit, or whatever the number is? So why did he do it? The answer is, this guy is Matt Millen II — big ego, big mouth, lacking in judgment late at night after one too many.

  74. For all who support DelRio’s right to express his views justify that with your approach to Kaepernick. I didn’t think so. I guess for you it’s freedom of speech for those I agree with.

  75. There’s only one solution to this continued censorship: stop watching these games, stop buying the merchandise. Cancel this league.

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