Rusty Hardin calls the most recent claims made against Deshaun Watson “totally false”

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When the 24th lawsuit was filed against Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson on Monday, attorney Rusty Hardin issued a statement explaining that there would be no immediate response, because “[o]ur legal team has not had time to investigate this new filing and had not heard her name until today.”

Hardin provided an implicit response on Friday, in a text message to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“The Browns and all of us that know Deshaun are still totally behind him,’’ Hardin said. “These latest claims by [Tony] Buzbee change nothing, and they are totally false, and that will ultimately be what everyone concludes when they hear the evidence.’’

Hardin and his colleague, Leah Graham, repeatedly have called the claims meritless and/or false. They’ve tried to paint Buzbee as the ringleader for claims that they regard as, basically, frivolous.

As previously mentioned, it would be difficult if not impossible to Buzbee to hold together a group of 22 (now 24) plaintiffs who have weak claims and who are motivated solely by a payday. They each could have had a six-figure payday in October. Eighteen were ready to go; the deal fell apart because four refused. Common sense suggests that, if it was just about getting money for nothing, one or more of the 18 would be complaining to friends, family, etc. about the ongoing delays and lack of progress. Such statements, if made, could be pursued and secured via the discovery process.

Regardless, the point for now is that Hardin and his team apparently have investigated the 24th claim, and they apparently have decided it is “totally false.” Barring a settlement, a jury eventually will decide whether it agrees.

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  1. Wow lots to parse in that comment. He is now an official spokesman for the Browns? That would suck for the Browns as it’s not like they got a choice to pick him. And he says the claims BY BUZBEE… Buzbee didn’t make the claims, the females did.

  2. Florio you underestimate the power of money. Tough to hold the claimants together? Are you kidding me, they will ride this out until they get tossed or get some. Money is the root of many evils. Just read the news daily………….law suit here, there…everywhere. It’s the sad reality.

  3. He has said the same thing about the other 23. Doubt he would say any are true. Duh.

  4. Of course Rusty is going to claim this latest accusation is false what else is he going to say? He’s been consistently saying ALL of the claims are false from the very beginning, but he’s also said that his client has had sexual relations with “some” of the therapists, and that is part of Rusty’s problem. On one hand he says there’s nothing to see, and then on the very same hand he says “well yea our client did fool around with some, but he never acted inappropriately with anyone”…. That’s not an argument that’s going to hold up very well in front of a jury. Especially if 24 women start crying on the stand while detailing alleged inappropriate behavior by Watson. Bring on the trials, and let’s see ALL of the evidence

  5. Gosh, a lawyer saying it is totally false….. Amazing. Shocking. I thought lawyers only told the truth.

  6. Yes, Michael, a jury will decide. And when the first of these “he said, she said” trials comes to pass — next March, probably — and the jury decides there is no proof of the allegations and therefore finds no liability, the other 23 plaintiffs will gulp and accept far less than the $100,000 per they could have had. This is why the lawyers whom the plaintiffs originally sought to employ wouldn’t take the cases. It’s not that they didn’t believe the women. They probably did. It’s just that there’s no way to prove the claims. Daniel Kaffee, Tom Cruise’s character in “A Few Good Men,” made this very point: “It doesn’t matter what I believe. All that matters is what I can prove.”

  7. I think Goodell should put Watson on the exempt list until all allegations against Watson are settled. Anything less would be an embarrassment to the NFL. Once all allegations are settled, then he can levy the appropriate suspension.

  8. The sheer number of women and “massages” makes it very hard to believe Watson’s denials. There will be jurors who feel the same way after all of the evidence is presented.

  9. If you are an accuser (plaintiff)….why would you get out now….especially, if you are being told more cash is coming your way. At this point…’s all or nothing (and 18 of 22 were ready to settle in November 2021.

  10. Question for Florio if he sees this.

    What are the chances all other owners put pressure on Goodell to suspend Watson for the year without pay in order for the Browns to void the contract, thus putting the QB market back to where it was prior to this ridiculous deal? And at the same time, put pressure on Haslam to re-work the contract to non-guaranteed. Watson would have pretty much no choice than to sign a more reasonable deal.

  11. Watson losing the public relations battle every single day. His lawyer needs a muzzle.

  12. Because what else was he going to say? Not like as well that the Browns would or could say anything different as well. They made their bed with this guy.

  13. Watson will win most, if not all of these cases. Buzbee had to make over 200 calls to find and convince 20 women.

  14. Translation by Watson’s lawyer…we need to buy time to get these cases settled. Settle the cases and the evidence might never be heard and it would allow Watson to make the claim he did nothing wrong.

    Also, it might be the only way Watson sees the football field for the Browns. As of now, if Watson and his lawyers are determined to play all 24 cases out, we might see the NFL sit Watson until all the cases are either heard at trial or settled.

    It might be the best for the Watson, the Browns and the Texans to get all these cases settle ASAP, imo.

  15. How do the Browns get any REAL work done with this distraction in their face EVERYDAy?

  16. The thing is that Watson has even admitted at least some of the allegations are true — no lawyer or lawyer-advised client should ever speak in absolutes like that. I really thought Hardin was smarter than that. He really should follow the lead of most good litigators and clam up to the press.

  17. Leaving aside what kind of character Watson has and his obvious issues, I just can’t believe they didn’t come up with the kind of offer needed to make this go away before it got to this point. If 4 wouldn’t have taken 100k, maybe it would have taken 250, 500, whatever. He could have settled all the cases for a million each and still be set for life with his guaranteed deal.

  18. All of this is going to come down to one person, the first judge in the first civil case. If that person does NOT allow the mention of the other 23 plaintiffs and their claims then it’s likely Watson wins the first case and then as Florio said, Buzbee and the other plaintiffs will be scrambling. If however, the judge allows the admission of the other 23 plaintiffs claims in the first civil case, Watson will be getting what he’s wanted all along…to be screwed.

  19. You guys are going by optics. The things Watson admitted to are not against the law.

  20. It seems like Hardin’s comments are not about what the 24th woman’s sexual allegations against Watson — but are directly refuting Buzbee’s comments about the Texas courts. But he worded in such as way as to win public opinion for Watson. So “totally false” may not be about the 24th woman at all. Very clever on Hardin’s part, if so.

  21. Hardin’s next line of defense will be calling lebron James to claim Watson is innocent and this entire ordeal is racist. That’s my prediction for his next strategy.

  22. “These latest claims by [Tony] Buzbee change nothing, and they are totally false”

    First time a defense attorney has used those words … Right?

  23. I mean at this point what else can he say… “all those women were right all this time…”

  24. jonathankrobinson424 says:
    June 10, 2022 at 3:08 pm
    How do the Browns get any REAL work done with this distraction in their face EVERYDAy?

    And now you know why teams will not take Colin Kaepernick on because of the circus atmosphere will never go away….

  25. singularitynow says:

    June 10, 2022 at 1:40 pm

    Wow lots to parse in that comment. He is now an official spokesman for the Browns? That would suck for the Browns as it’s not like they got a choice to pick him. And he says the claims BY BUZBEE… Buzbee didn’t make the claims, the females did
    The lawyers in public cases commonly talk this way where they reference the lawyer on record for the opposition. Also the Browns have already came out in support of Watson when giving him the unprecedented guaranteed contract while the majority of the accusations were already known and they’ve continued to stand behind him.

  26. It’s easy – these are civil cases, and reportedly they wanted to settle for $100K each, now they want at least $1M each after he signed the big contract.

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