Spanos family calls Dea Spanos Berberian’s allegations “false and provocative”

Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Los Angeles Chargers 34-28 in overtime during a NFL football game at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood.
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Dea Spanos Berberian has filed another lawsuit aimed at wresting control of the NFL franchise the family owns. Her three siblings are not thrilled with the situation.

“It is unfortunate that our sister Dea, who clearly has no interest in continuing to participate in the family’s business, has resorted to false and provocative charges in an attempt to impose her will on the rest of the family,” the families of Alexis Spanos Ruhl, Michael Spanos, and Dean Spanos said in a joint statement, via Gilbert Manzano of the Los Angeles Daily News. “The three of us and our children, representing more than 75% of the family and its ownership of its business, stand united in support of our parents’ and grandparents’ wishes, including as to the continued ownership and operation of the Chargers.”

As noted by Daniel Kaplan of, Berberian agreed earlier this week that her 2021 lawsuit, aimed at forcing the sale of the 36-percent interest held by the family’s trust, should go to the NFL’s secret, rigged kangaroo court (i.e., arbitration). The new lawsuit, which focuses on ousting Dean Spanos as a co-trustee, presumably was drafted to navigate any potential arbitration obligation.

And that ultimately may be why this lawsuit was filed. With her attempt to force the trust to sell the team heading to arbitration, she perhaps can get to the same place if she seizes control of the trust — and thus can in her capacity as the sole trustee bundle the 36 percent plus the 15-percent chunk she individually owns and sell controlling interest to someone like Josh Harris, who was ready to bid $5 billion for 100 percent of the Broncos equity. Maybe he’d pay $2.55 billion for 51 percent of the Chargers.

16 responses to “Spanos family calls Dea Spanos Berberian’s allegations “false and provocative”

  1. Rich people and their perceived reputations. None of the “Children” ever had to work for a dime of their wealth. It’s sad they they will tarnish all the wealth that was handed to them since birth. I see another great franchise going down in flames due to greed of the already wealthy. Go Bolts..

  2. Changing ownership is not a bad thing. Ask the Browns and Commanders fans.

  3. Maybe taxpayers should buy both sides of the family a stadium so they can share the team. I love how the rich have a dead ear to how ridiculous and entitled they sound, and are!

  4. I firmly believe Dea retained a lawyer right after The Chargers went for it on 4th down at their own 18 in that critical game against the Raiders that they lost. She knew right then, the team needed new ownership. Smart girl.

  5. The Chargers are like the Commanders, I want to root for the team but their ownerships are too awful to root for

  6. These owners are the reason why they are no longer the San Diego Chargers. What a crock.

  7. Jesus, who are these people?! Every story about NFL owners is like reading a comic book.

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