Tony Pollard eager to get more playing time, perhaps at slot receiver

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With his $18.2 million cap number this season, Ezekiel Elliott is an enormous investment for the Cowboys, one who’s guaranteed to be their starting running back. But when backup Tony Pollard takes the field, the Cowboys don’t lose anything.

But if Pollard gets more playing time this year, it may be not in place of Elliott, but in addition to Elliott. Pollard said he may be on the field more as a slot receiver in 2022.

“I’m open to anything just being on the field, being able to make the most of my opportunities,” Pollard said, via the Dallas Morning News. “If I have to line up in the slot a little more, whatever it takes, I’m ready to do it.”

Pollard said he’ll take any opportunity he can get to contribute.

“I definitely feel like any opportunity I’m given, I’m going to do my best to make the most of it,” Pollard said. “The more I get, the more I can benefit the team.”

9 responses to “Tony Pollard eager to get more playing time, perhaps at slot receiver

  1. Seems like the same thing we hear everywhere at this time of year wgere there are 2 backs wanting time, “so and so will be split out wide” etc and very little comes from it.

  2. Pollard should absolutely get more playing time. Zeke has too much mileage on him at this point in his career. The Cowboys over-fed him for 6 years.

  3. Pollard is a beast. Dallas definitely needs to figure out a way to get the ball in this guys hands more often.

  4. Zek is done. Nothing left in the tank. The kettle is empty. Dak needs a running back that performs for him to be successful. 7-10 and no super bowl again for Jerra.

  5. Pollard is a luxury the Coaches need to tap in to, I see teams all across the league take advantage of multiple backs and be successful in certain strengths each offer, Zeke is a power back, Pollard is your homerun threat, Dang if I can see that from my living room why can’t they.

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