Eight days to Father’s Day is a good day to buy Playmakers


Father’s Day arrives in only eight days. You need to get your dad or your uncle or your pap-paw or your godfather or your brother or your son or your cousin or yourself something they’ll like.

If, like you, they like the NFL, get them Playmakers. The hardcover is available for a mere $18.76.

It’s simple. It’s easy. A coupe clicks, and you’ll have it in a few days.

More importantly, it’s solid. If will feel like something substantial once it’s wrapped or crammed into a bag.

So do it. Do it now. Right now. If not now, when?

Thanks as always for your support of what we do here. And thanks for thinking of buying a copy or two or three or more of Playmakers.

5 responses to “Eight days to Father’s Day is a good day to buy Playmakers

  1. I bought it a few months ago. Excellent read and reminded me of a few things I had forgotten.

  2. Yeah. Complete and total waste of time. About as many insights as Biden has on inflation.

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