Jack Del Rio exits Twitter

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The situation that culminated in a six-figure fine for Washington Commanders defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio first surfaced with a comment he made on his Twitter account. And now his Twitter account has been deleted.

Nicki Jhabvala of the Washington Post spotted it. And, indeed, it’s gone.

With the first public hearing of the January 6 committee looming, Del Rio tried to equate the insurrection to the unrest of 2020 in a tweet posted on Tuesday. The next day, he called the events of January 6 a “dustup at the Capitol” during a previously-scheduled press conference.

He later apologized for calling the attack on the Capitol a “dustup.” Thereafter, head coach Ron Rivera imposed a $100,000 fine on Del Rio.

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  1. There’s going to be a lot of comments to come about how his “free speech” was silenced. But we all now what this is: he got caught saying/doing something dumb–repulsive, really, but people like calling other people stupid, so let’s go with it–and is in hiding to avoid the shame. We all do it. Your white privilege is still intact, not to worry!

  2. Good! Get all the bigoted, sexist Fascists out of here. Trump and all the rest who want to destroy Democracy and ruin our lives need to go move in with Putin.

  3. So it was OK to burn cities by BLM, but a few 100 people are pissed because the election was a screw job. Some calls the Insurrection nonsense out and he gets fined. River boat Ron is a Facist.

  4. I wonder what would happen if a black QB spoke his mind? Just stick to playing and coaching.

  5. If you feel bad for Del Rio, think about Jon Gruden. He supposedly made some comments 11 years ago.

  6. You people act like some “woke” mob will come do this to you if you share your thoughts.
    Question: Did you accept millions of dollars to participate in a specific industry with clearly stated rules about the negative repercussions for bringing unwanted publicity to your company?
    Follow up: Do you have a platform of hundreds of thousands/millions of people who might be influenced by your comments?
    Good news! The Woke Mob will pass by your house and you will live safely with your media-induced outrage.

  7. Anyone who has a twitter account, and facebook (Meta) or whatever they call it is helping fuel all this crap to keep going. Never had either one and never will. I live very happy normal life.

  8. greenbaydean says:
    June 11, 2022 at 9:15 pm
    Way to go. Cancel culture strikes again.

    Nothing new for Del Rio. He was canceled by the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Oakland Raiders.

  9. No matter how many times we see it, whether they’re here on this board or in the world around us, it ceases to amaze me how many people keep trying to say the insurrection was a non existent event or an event that just didn’t matter – you guys here on this board are all but saying it was a dust up also, you’ve lost your minds! If you had black men or women breaking into the capitol with guns, rope and zip ties, YOU are the same people would be upset they weren’t shot on site immediately! You fools wrapped in your fake flags are simply unbelievable. Rioting and looting are not ok, and sensible people understand that. I don’t know how the republicans keep trying to somehow justify beating cops, while BREAKING INTO, STEALING FROM AND VANDALIZING the US Capitol. Seriously people, no election was stolen and trying to find and kill democrats is not ok. You would beat someone to death with a bible and still somehow try to justify it in the name of the lord. Killing an unarmed black guy is not ok, people getting upset is, but riots and looting is not. Also, you way to whit guys keep dropping BLM. Plenty of people who support BLM didn’t steal or break anything. Quit trying to justify the hate group right by saying “it’s the same thing as BLM.” What the happened to you guys? Ronald Reagan would lose his sh*t on you guys. You’ve ruined a once great political party.

  10. It’s cancel culture when Del Rios is censured for speaking his mind. But it’s not cancel culture when Kaepernick is black-listed when he speaks his mind. I see how the right-wing mind works now.

  11. Get rid of the bigots sexists and all the trump people and we can all go straight to hell on little Joey Biden’s CHOO CHOO TRAIN !!!

  12. Like him or hate him everyone’s lives were better under Trump.

  13. We ain’t saying Jan. 6 wasn’t anything, it was troublesome., but compared to what went on in the northwest in Portland and Seattle there is NO COMPARISON !! And how many were held accountable for what went on there ???

  14. Good call ditching twitter. One of the biggest cesspools on the internet…

  15. [pookiebooboo said – “You’ve ruined a once great political party.”] I can remember growing up near a two newspaper town, Little Rock AR, and when I could afford it, I would by the liberal paper and the conservative paper. You could respect both sides even when you disagreed. It is different now. There were “news paper wars” and in Little Rock, the conservative paper won. Jan 6th 2021? It was a terrible day, not a dust up. Why can’t people agree on THAT?

  16. Can we please get to a place where someone can express an opinion without ending their career??? Please?!?

  17. I don’t know who would want to work for that pig circus in DC. Daniel Snyder should be the last person to question someone’s character. Besides, I think this is one of those wink-and-nod fines. The team will wind up paying it under the table. It’s just a publicity stunt. That’s the only reason why Del Rio would consider staying.

  18. The “orher” riots are ok? Cone on. It’s ALL sickening. But NO 9NE can say ANYTHING GOOD about jb. Our country is a wreck on 2 short years. If you dont agree your not paying attention or brainwashed

  19. giambocca says:
    June 11, 2022 at 9:58 pm
    We ain’t saying Jan. 6 wasn’t anything, it was troublesome., but compared to what went on in the northwest in Portland and Seattle there is NO COMPARISON !! And how many were held accountable for what went on there ???

    66Rate This

    Agreed there is no comparison. Civil unrest that destroys property is unacceptable. That’s what happened in Portland and Seattle.
    It also happened in Washington, at the US Capitol Building, along with an attempt to subvert the will of the American people by violently stopping the certification of a highly-contested national election.
    No comparison at all, and if you can’t see the difference then really I think you aren’t trying.

  20. There was a time before social media existed believe or not. People still had the same opinions but they were relegated to conversations you had with friends and family. And that system was working without any problem. Now people have a platform to reach a much wider audience but they don’t want the responsibility that comes with it. If you’re going to use social media and say dumb things you have no to blame but yourself when you get in trouble.

  21. As bad as 12/6 was, calling it a dust up is a lot easier to understand, than calling the riots in Seattle and Portland “PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS”
    when the demonstrators fire bombed the Police the Headquarters after cementing the doors shut
    so no one could escape. No commentators we fined or fired for those reports.
    The basic principle of freedom of speech was stated a long time ago by Voltaire
    “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

  22. People downplaying the insurrection and comparing it to riots are simply delusional or worse. You mean to tell me if that crazed crowd actually got ahold of Pence or Pelosi, they would have took them out for tea and crumpets? GET REAL PEOPLE! They were insighted by Trump and he sat back, for hours, and did nothing to protect our country, the constitution or members of Congress. You all saw it and you still praise and honor this man. Utterly shameful.

  23. Your actions have consequences, this is fundamental in life. Jack Del Rio is facing the consequences for his actions.

  24. Cancel culture “wins” again. He should quit working for Ron Rivera instead of quitting twitter. The man is entitled to his opinion and got fined 6 figures because his boss doesn’t like his political views. I lost even more respect for Rivera after this

  25. The insurrection to overthrow our Democracy and election that was attempted on Jan 6 by those that favor an authoritarian form of Government must be condemned loud and clear by all Democracy loving Americans and Del Rio clearly showed by his statement what side of the aisle he stands on.

  26. Fined for making a political statement, but Rivera’s explanation was even more political than Del Rio’s. NFL should fine Rivera $100,001.

  27. Del Rio is a little lighter in the wallet..He either left Twitter on his own or the urging of someone else.
    But he still has a nice high paying, high profile job. He’s not going to jail or prison.
    Nothing good happens on Twitter anyway. It’s probably better for Jack that he’s no longer on it.
    He hasn’t been canceled.

  28. 100,000 dollars is a lot of money to pay for saying something someone doesn’t like.

  29. When Americans attack their own institutions of democracy in violent assault,its no dustup.

  30. If you really think the election was stolen, then you believe that “Slow Joe” outsmarted Trump and all these red states with Republican governors. Why would you want those people to be your leaders if they are so easily duped?

  31. have relatives on social media keeping up with (spying on) their children, posting daily trivia, getting into constant political beefs with strangers, snooping on friends, neighbors and relatives. i’ve never once had an account or even been on any of those sites but I hear about it all the time. it’s great to be ignorant of it all when they’re at each others throats and choosing sides. serenity now.

  32. notaloon says:
    June 12, 2022 at 4:22 pm
    Willieboy, you mean an institution like the Supreme Court, or the justices?

    Second amendment, right pal? Not funny when it happens to your side, is it. He should have just sat back and had a beer, he likes beer!

  33. Kind of ironic to see the same people who rush to defend insurrectionists smearing poop on the walls of the Capitol building while chanting “USA, USA, USA!” Are the same who get more upset over a guy taking a knee during the National Anthem. Hard to make sense of it.

  34. So Del Rio gets fined $100,000 for disagreeing with Rivera.

    What a joke of a league.

  35. billh1947 says:
    June 12, 2022 at 8:53 am
    The insurrection to overthrow our Democracy and election that was attempted on Jan 6 by those that favor an authoritarian form of Government must be condemned loud and clear by all Democracy loving Americans and Del Rio clearly showed by his statement what side of the aisle he stands on.


    Since when did 200 people without guns and no political support beyond themselves get considered an insurrection or a threat to democracy? Meanwhile, they got arrested and charged, unlike most of the people that were throwing molitov coctails into government buildings in Portland a year and change ago..after all, that was just a figment of everyone’s imagination.

  36. The country itself is extremely divided about 75% of the country do believe jan 6th was way over blown. Biden has caused bigger rifts instead of repairing anything. First thing he should have done in office is pardoned all the non violent jan 6 and blm people in jail for crimes and said it was a new america and we would work towards commonality instead he has made the divide even deeper and done more harm in less than 2 years than any president has ever done. The country needs to come together but divisive politics help no one. And executive orders acros the board need to go

  37. You can’t spell twitter without twit. I’m banned for life for insulting Whoopi Goldberg for her “Suck it up, SUCK it up!” comment. Trump lost due in part to all the Russian collusion lies that Clinton’s campaign started, media suppression of the Hunter laptop story as fake news ect. That actually is a stolen election. Not to mention Hillarys campaign spying on a sitting President. It’s all documented and will fully emerge after the elections.

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