Panthers’ Robbie Anderson tweets that he’s thinking about retiring

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Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson posted a cryptic and surprising tweet on Saturday.

The 29-year-old Anderson wrote on Twitter that he’s thinking about walking away from football.

“Ain’t gone lie Thinking bout Retiring,” Anderson wrote.

Anderson just restructured his contract in March, converting $11.675 million of his salary into a signing bonus, and he’d have to pay back that signing bonus if he were to retire. Which makes it seem unlikely that he’ll actually follow through on retiring.

Anderson announced this offseason that he would change his jersey number from 11 to 3, and the spelling of his first name from Robby to Robbie. Now he’s suggesting that he might change his status from active player to retired player.

45 responses to “Panthers’ Robbie Anderson tweets that he’s thinking about retiring

  1. I’ll make this easy, he’s thinking about retiring but he’s not going to.


  2. Society is so much better now that we have the ability to know what people are thinking when they wake up first thing in the morning and after they change their minds just before they go to bed at night.

    Maybe this narcissistic fool is hoping to get an outpouring of people begging for him to not retire.

  3. Baker Mayfield to Carolina must be a done deal then…..Anderson is All No and not All Pro so who cares.

  4. He probably thought they were going to try to sign or trade for a decent QB when he restructured his deal so, can’t say that I blame him

  5. Robbie Robby has never really been all that in love with the game of football. It shows in his performance or…lack thereof. If his heart isn’t into it, cut him.

  6. The old “I’m thinking about retiring” leverage only works if anyone actually cares if you leave. I say make the decision for him, whoever he is.

  7. Once an individual decides to quit something the actual follow through isn’t far behind. My best guess is that he takes the money for this year, plays out the string and retires with the tens of millions he’s already made.

  8. He must have found out the Panthers was in talks about trading him, smart man now for sure nobody will touch him.

  9. Robbie isn’t serious. If he were, he’d go ahead and do it. Not tweet about it!

  10. He has never has a decent QB, but I truly believe theirs one on the roster now? Corral is accurate, good field-vision, very strong arm, and athletic. He’s only knock was his size and his barbaric playing style at his size…Anderson retires when he finally gets a QB.

  11. These players make so much money these days, they really don’t need to play more than a few years and they can retire with great wealth and trite healthy. I don’t blame them but this will be the trend going forward.

  12. He’s not even good. I remember the Panthers loss to the Vikes last season. I swear Robby dropped 10 balls in that one game.

  13. These guys tweet whatever fleeting thought pops into their heads. What nonsense..

  14. HOF coach Marv Levy said if you’re thinking about retiring, you’re already retired.

  15. Sounds great, don’t think Panthers get that lucky.

    We;ll just get another season of throwing fits and dropping passes.

  16. When he joined the Panthers, he retired from competitive football, so he’s halfway there already.

  17. I was thinking about retiring about 2 weeks after college graduation and my 3rd day on the job. I think about it everyday.

  18. If I only knew the Jets and Teppers Panthers, I’d have thoughts of retirement too.

  19. Looking at his stats for his last few years, and it looks like he already has retired.

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