Some folks are putting fairly big money on the Jets to win the Super Bowl

Green Bay Packers v New York Jets
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The Jets have inspired plenty of confidence among their fan base. They also have secured the faith of some bettors with discretionary money to burn.

As recently explained by David Purdum of, some folks have been placing big wagers on the Jets to win the Super Bowl.

In late January, just after Caesers Sportsbook put up the odds for the next Super Bowl champion, someone bet $5,000 on the Jets at 200-1 odds. In April, PointsBet took a $1,000 bet at 200-1 on the Jets. Other sports books have taken $500 wagers on the Jets to win the Super Bowl.

Purdum explains that, as of this week, the Jets are the biggest Super Bowl liability for FanDuel, Caesers, and The Borgata in Atlantic City.

“I’m not too concerned about the Jets,” Borgata sportsbook director Tom Gable told Purdum.

And for the first time in league history, a sportsbook employee has given an NFL team bulletin board material.

The odds have shifted to reflect the action on the Jets. PointsBet currently has the Jets at 100-1. Seven teams have longer odds, including the Giants at 125-1.

34 responses to “Some folks are putting fairly big money on the Jets to win the Super Bowl

  1. I think they will be much improved this year. But talk about flushing money down the toilet.

  2. The long shot of long shots. Everyone likes an underdog but come on man, in the AFC no less. Inconceivable.

  3. For the Jets to win the Super Bowl Zach Wilson has to morph into a very good QB, and they need some luck, and their recent draft picks to be good. Given his poor rookie year I don’t see that improvement being possible in one season.

    I’d put $20 on them if you gave me 1,000,000 – 1 odds.

  4. Jets fans are more than a little overboard. They make Raiders fans look sensible.

  5. If we are in the world of ridiculous….I’ll partner that with a Jets/Lions superbowl bet.

  6. Zach Wilson should become a good QB, so why not take a shot? The Bengals probably had pretty long odds last year. The QB makes all the difference in the world.

  7. Some rich Jets fans as morons doesn’t mean much with gambling.

    They’re still morons.

  8. The Bengals shocked everyone last year. People are gambling the Jets are next.

  9. Some folks think the world is flat. Probably the same people betting the Jets are winning the SB.

  10. Welll i feel for them because its never gonna happen in our lifetime. Just End the season already. Come on Man!!!

  11. You don’t have to be a fan of a team to put money on them. You could put money on their opponent so that you have insurance against losing.

  12. The hedge with fairly good odds to pay out since it would be trifecta pick is they will have a new coach, new GM and will be drafting a QB in the first five picks, per usual.

  13. They’re probably manipulating the line, so the team they really want to hammer gives a better return. Big bettors do this all the time.

  14. Every year at least four new teams make the playoffs, while four miss out from the previous postseason so anything’s possible …

  15. I bet the guy who Bert 5K on 200/1 odds, probably also came in on the derby 80/1 winner.

    As a patriots fan and Bostonian, I obviously hate New York teams. No disrespect, but I just don’t see how improved the jets really are. You can win the off-season on paper, but if don’t make the playoffs/win games, it equates to NOTHING, but Vegas making more money off of suckers

  16. And you couldn’t find another way to waste your money? Instead of wasting your time and your money, why did’t you just walk in to Cesar’s, hand them a stack of cash, and then just walk away without saying a word? It would of been quicker and easier that way.

  17. I wouldn’t bet on the Jets to have a winning record. Now, a Jets player suffering an injury from a locker room fight? That might be something I’d jump on.

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