Tyreek Hill, Drew Rosenhaus dig deeper into the issues that sparked a trade

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Everyone has a podcast these days. And that group of everyone now includes Dolphins receiver Tyreek Hill.

In the debut episode of Hill’s new podcast, he opens up about his departure from the Chiefs. Adding to the conversation was agent Drew Rosenhaus, the first guest on It Needed To Be Said.

Regardless of whether all of it actually needed to be said, plenty was said about the circumstances that led to Hill’s departure from Kansas City.

It had been believed that Hill’s exit flowed simply from the fact that the Chiefs made a business decision to both accept trade compensation (the flip side of “eff them picks”) and to avoid having to pay Hill a market value contract. Nothing personal, only business. Some of the comments made in the podcast make it sound like the business was more than dollars and cents and strategic decisions about managing the cap, now and in the future — and that more than a little of it became personal.

The problems, from Hill’s perspective, arose during the 2021 season. Hill started regularly texting Rosenhaus about Hill’s frustrations, beginning after Hill went from having 11 catches for 197 yards in the season-opening win over the Browns to getting only three catches for 14 yards in a 36-35 loss to the Ravens, on just four targets.

Consider this from Rosenhaus: “There was a lot of times during the year that we felt that Tyreek was underutilized and wasn’t fully appreciated, and that they really weren’t taking full advantage of all of his ability and talent. But Tyreek’s is a trooper. He never made a peep about it. He was extremely professional.”

“Never went to the media,” Hill said.

Rosenhaus said, on many occasions, he and Hill would communicate about Hill’s lack of opportunities to do more to help the Chiefs win. And that they believed there “wasn’t the same commitment” to Hill as in past years.

“If teams are gonna give us favorable one-on-one matches against their best corner, I don’t see why teams don’t utilize their best receiver,” Hill said. “And that’s where probably like me and the Chiefs fell apart right there. When I’m like, yo, I don’t mean to talk or be a diva in some situation but can I see the pill some time, please? Just give me the ball, please.”

Hill’s co-host (and lawyer) Julius Collins suggested that perhaps the team tried to suppress Hill’s stats in the 2021 season in order to keep his value in check. Rosenhaus didn’t take the bait on that point, steering the conversation in another direction.

Even with the frustrations, Hill said he wanted to stay in Kansas City. According to Rosenhaus, the turning point happened when the Raiders traded for, and gave a huge contract to, former Packers receiver Davante Adams. Rosenhaus regarded Hill as a younger and better player than Adams. Rosenhaus decided at that point to “put pressure on the Chiefs” to do an Adams-style deal. If the Chiefs wouldn’t do it, the question then became whether player and team were still a fit.

So Rosenhaus outlined the Adams contract for Chiefs G.M. Brett Veach. Rosenhaus said it was a no-brainer to do the same deal for Hill.

“If they didn’t want to do that type of deal, then we would get them a blockbuster trade,” Rosenhaus said. “I flat out told them that I felt like I could talk to teams around the league and bring a bunch of — bring great compensation. And I think the Chiefs initially wanted to challenge us and see what we could get from other teams contractually and what we could also get compensation-wise.”

Hill interjected at that point, saying that he spoke to quarterback Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid about the situation. Hill said he told Reid that he didn’t need to be the highest-paid receiver in football, that $25 million or $26 million per year would have been enough.

“I tried my best,” Hill said. “I talked to the big man, Andy Reid. I talked to the quarterback. I’m like, ‘Look, can we make something happen? Can we make something happen? Can the guaranteed money make sense to me? Can it make sense to my family, please?”

As trade talks heated up with the Jets and Dolphins, Reid asked Hill if he still wanted to be in Kansas City. Hill said yes. But, according to Rosenhaus, the compensation was still millions of dollars short of the mark.

Hill seemed to be particularly miffed by the fact that the Chiefs valued him enough to seek five draft picks as compensation, but not enough to pay him what the Raiders paid Davante Adams.

“It’s backwards, right?” Hill said.

At one point, Hill vented about an issue unrelated to his contract or opportunities on the field. He said the Chiefs didn’t want him to miss practice before the start of the 2021 season so that he could see his grandfather, who was having surgery for prostate cancer.

“They didn’t even want me to leave to go see my granddad,” Hill said. “And he was having surgery. Prostate surgery. I’m like, ‘Yo, like, this is like ridiculous.’ You know? And now like I’m with the Dolphins, I say, ‘Coach, I’m gone.’ He’s like, ‘All right. Cool.'”

Rosenhaus also explained that, in Kansas City, Mahomes is the face of the franchise. In Miami, where the Dolphins are building around Hill, he’ll have greater notoriety.

“I don’t care about notoriety though,” Hill said. “I don’t care about none of that. . . . The only thing I care about is respect within the building. Notoriety outside the building, I don’t care about none of that, man. Because none of that ain’t gonna win us games on Sunday. . . . This is what I want inside the building. I want the head coach to know that on Sundays, that defenses fear Tyreek Hill. That’s what I want the head coach to know. And the head coach do know that, though. He know that without the Cheetah on the field, he know that, ‘Hey, Pat you’re gonna have a long day today.'”

It makes for a fascinating wrinkle as the 2022 season approaches. Will Mahomes have 17 long days without Hill? Will Hill get the kind of opportunities he didn’t get last year in Kansas City? Given what the Dolphins are paying him, it’s safe to say they’ll be doing everything they can to get the ball in his hands.

Opposing defenses surely will be aware of that. The question is whether that knowledge will make a difference when it comes to trying to keep up with one of the most dangerous weapons in football.

66 responses to “Tyreek Hill, Drew Rosenhaus dig deeper into the issues that sparked a trade

  1. So Hill has made it clear that he IS a diva. We’ll see how many pills that are forced by Tua to s well-covered Hill are actually caught by him.

  2. The irony is the ball won’t be in his hands much in Miami either.

  3. Good luck Miami with Tyreek 2.0

    It’s gonna burn maybe twice as bright, but it’s not gonna last even half as long.

  4. This guy Hill makes no sense.
    He says he didn’t want to be a diva but he “diva-ed” his way out of there.
    He also seems to implicate that Mahomes & Reid were major factors in him getting a new deal.
    I don’t get it. Does Andy Reid have final say in contract negotiations?

    Anyway, I bet he’s going to be on the phone a lot to his agent this season.

  5. I’m happy for, and more power to Mr. Hill but…..

    When some of us will end up working a job 50 weeks out of the year, for 50 years, just to make less in a lifetime than he will make in one year of his contract, I don’t want to hear it any more.

    Most of us can’t force a trade to another company, we can’t sit out until the boss re-works us a new wage scale. It’s a business yet it’s still a game. I work 5 days a week 12 months out of the year.

    I’m happy for you cheetah but I don’t ever want to hear these guys moaning about anything contract related. Work 9-5 everyday the rest of your life and you’ll understand what it’s like to truly be disrespected and not used to your full potential.

  6. Hill is exactly what the Dolphins needed after the toxic environment last year. I have learned to respect Hill because he is doing everything to be a leader on this team and it will pay off for the entire team.

    He also will help Tua get out of his shell…..

  7. The Chiefs made the right decision. There’s a reason they’re a championship franchise unlike the Dolphins who hold the AFC’s longest playoff win drought.

  8. And that’s all you need to know. Tyreek could not be top dog in KC, due to Mahomes shadow, so now he is, or at that thinks he can be in Miami. And usually that works out great right where your WR is a diva and considered the face of the franchise above the QB. There was lot of rumors about why more teams were not interested in trading for him. Specifically many GMs said he has become too much of a diva. Guess they were right.

  9. In the end it was all about money. Not family … not respect … not a day off the see his sick grandfather. Money. It’s always money. And they never want to admit it.

  10. Tyreek Hill in 2021:

    111 rec (previous career high 87)
    159 targets (previous career high 137)

    On the same team as Travis Kelce, even.

    “Underutilized”. Righhhhttt. (◔_◔)

  11. Hill said he told Reid that he didn’t need to be the highest-paid receiver in football, that $25 million or $26 million per year would have been enough.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. “I don’t care about notoriety though,” Hill said. “I don’t care about none of that. . . . The only thing I care about is respect within the building.”

    Ah there it is. I thought I was going to get through one whole speech from a modern athlete without playing the mythical “respect” card.

    Never mind that every single time it simply comes down to money. Amazingly, a larger guarantee in a contract is always brimming with “respect”. Without question, the most overused, abused term in sports today.

  13. “Can it make sense to my family”?
    Either way he’s making millions.
    I’d think they’ll be perfectly fine.

  14. This Chiefs fan has lost a ton of respect for Tyreek after reading this. While I appreciate what he did here in KC, the dude has apparently gone full blown diva which is totally against the tight knit, no egos team dynamic that propelled the Chiefs to the Super Bowl and makes them perennial contenders. I’m glad he has moved on.

    KC will be just fine as long as 15 is under center.

  15. Well you’re really going to love that stat line in Miami then Tyreek
    3 catches 19 yards
    Season total of 77 catches 946 yards 7 tds

  16. He was Jealous and wanted to be the face
    And picks and money aren’t the same thing Tyreek

  17. After The TO troubles in Philly, Andy Reid has an immediate policy for any player who speaks about hinself in the third person. Hill talked himself out of KC.

  18. The picture is becoming clearer and clearer why some people are not chosen for head coaching jobs. Something tells me there is still more to this, than is being said.

  19. Hill had the 7th most targets in the league and had just over 9 targets per game appeared, which is exactly what he had the year before, tied for most in his career. But please go on about how he was under utilized.

  20. Hill will need someone to get him the ball. No one is mistaking Tua for Mahomes.

  21. Coulda had 3400 yards and 40 TDs this year if they just would have targeted him.

  22. This guy has screw loose. He thinks he was underutilized with a HOF QB and coach. Now he’s got a rookie coach with Tua throwing to him. Good luck with that, Miami.

  23. “The only thing I care about is respect within the building.”

    As I was reading this I thought it was going to say, “The only thing I care about is winning….” That says a lot right about what he thinks of himself vs. the team.

  24. Upset because he wasn’t targeted enough for his liking in a WIN! That’s a red flag for the organization.

  25. These guys alway say, I have to look after my family when they make more money in one season than 3 families would in a lifetime. Please stop with this stuff.

  26. Good luck Miami, this guy sounds like Antonio Brown Jr. I’m sure you need plenty of self-confidence to make it to the highest level as he has but it’s still a team game. Defenses figure out ways to beat you, all 53 are needed to win regularly.

  27. Because Hill missed five games due to injury, Mahomes has had five “long days” playing without Hill. Mahomes was 4-1, injured in the loss. In the wins, his passing yards per game were more than his NFL record average of 300 + yards per game. His leading receiver in those wins were four different people. The Chiefs have turned the page. Best for Hill to do the same. You don’t want to spend time at your new job telling people you wished you still had your old job.

  28. Neat story about a bunch of stuff that doesn’t matter. KC can’t pay the top QB, the top TE and the top WR. The end….

  29. Bottom line Hill demanded more money than the Chiefs wanted to pay….it’s business plain and simple. It’s like having a new girlfriend but talking about your ex….breaking up is hard to do Tyreek…get over it and move on!

  30. Hill helps Waddle just by being on the field, Jallen is going to blow up this year!

  31. If “underutilized” is having 111 receptions, maybe he would get 200 with Miami?
    Hill had his most receptions in a year last year

  32. Wow this guy is going to be a handful for McDaniel. This is petty, diva stuff, and if you think it’ll get better with Tua throwing him the ball….

  33. To be fair, if he and his agent aren’t going to believe in him, who will? He should help Miami’s running game a lot by just stretching the field. There is a ton of value in that.

  34. The term “take care of my family” does not mean what athletes think it means. To imply that a 5 year $100M deal would not “take care of your family”, but a 5 year $130M deal would is absolutely ridiculous. In practical terms, your family is “taken care of” in probably the first $10-$20 Million that you earn as an athlete. Anything above that is “bonus” and about ego and a desire for a lavish lifestyle- which I totally understand… but the problem is when they don’t admit that and try to gain sympathy from fans by claiming their contract demands are about “taking care of my family” when we all know the truth.

  35. I just gained a lot of respect for the Chiefs, they showed that they understand the concept of “team” and got rid of a potential cancer when his value was still high. It’s the kind of move that Belichick would have made. Now if Tyreek thought he wasn’t receiving the ball enough in KC he might be disappointed in Miami, and we’ll see how respected he feels then…

  36. He was probably a pain in the locker room too. Good move Chiefs. Get a bunch of picks and save the cap space. He will be complaining in Miami soon enough. It’s reassuring he could get by on 25 or 26 mil a year. Should have been dumped for the situation with the lady and darn lucky the Chiefs kept him.

  37. Tyreek Hill having a podcast is akin to a 16 year old with the keys to a Lamborghini…some folks should stay far away
    from a microphone.

  38. Just so typical. Being “respected” by wads of cash was much more important than winning. Somehow $20 mil a year didn’t make sense to him anymore, had to be $25-6 million now. Simply because of what someone else got. So now this moron plays in Miami with a noodle-armed QB who will get him the ball less and has no chance of winning a Superbowl, but Tyreeks got that extra couple mil in respect.

  39. It’s easy to talk about why when you’re gone but who really cares after the fact. Rosenhaus has always fed his clients blather and inflating their ego’s. I’ve never seen a receiver more valuable than a top quarterback. Miami won’t be able to have lame excuses when they don’t live up to their potential. Great qb’s like Mahomes will get the ball to whomever is on the field. Wr’s and db free agents are the biggest prima donnas in the league and rarely hit their perform to their past stats.

  40. I’m surprised it took the Chiefs that long to get rid of him. I think the guy has a screw loose. When he wants to play, he can dominate. But he doesn’t always look like he wants to play. Regardless, you don’t get rid of a great player unless they’re more trouble than they’re worth.

  41. Talk about biting the hand that feeds (KC). Veach/Reid/Hunt stood by him by not only taking a chance on him during the draft knowing full and well his past situation, even stood by him AGAIN when his own kid was injured under mysterious circumstances and any other pieces of off field insanity caused by his toxic relationship with his girlfriend. It had seemed like he’d turned a new leaf, and hopefully he has at least in his home life. But to run your mouth about an organization that had every right to show you the door after that second incident speaks volumes. Glad the Chiefs got picks and got out of this potential third situation.

  42. I don’t know how some of you in Miami see this as a sign of great leadership . This is exactly the opposite. He will go full blown diva by game 4 – and it’s ironic that he says he wants to take care of his family considering his history in college concerning said family

  43. Is there a position anywhere in professional sports who suck at PR more than WR’s?

  44. Tyrek the Chiefs gave you a chance when absolutely no one else in the NFL would touch you. The Chiefs made you a Superstar and you got a ring. You had the world by the balls playing with Mahomes and Kelce and for Andy Reid. Now you sound like the 2nd coming of AB and im sure your career is going to end just like his did. Can’t wait for the season to begin, because by week 10 you are going to figure out Tua isn’t Mahomes, Gesicki isn’t Kelce and McDaniel isn’t Reid and thats when you are going to start running your mouth throwing your team mates under the bus. I predict by the 3rd year of your contract the Dolphins will be looking to rid themselves of you and your chance to be in the same conversations as Jerry Rice, and Randy Moss will never happen.

  45. He talks about family like he’s not a domestic or child abuser….which he is.

    Guy shouldnt even be in the league and he wants more millions.. smh

  46. The Chiefs added by subtracting Hill from the roster. I did not understand the trade at first. Now I do. For his agent to be on the same podcast, spewing vitriol, does not bode well for the Dolphins when Hill’s expectations aren’t met and they flounder.

  47. “… totally against the tight knit, no egos team dynamic that propelled the Chiefs to the Super Bowl and makes them perennial contenders…”

    Stop. It’s all Mahomes. Not attitude or team spirit or any or that garbage. Please.

  48. While I can be sympathetic to a WR with a bad QB who gets open but doesn’t get thrown to, Mahomes is a very good QB. He sees teh field and can read defenses. He hits open receivers.

    If you are blaming Mahomes or Reid for low production, I’d also look in the mirror.

  49. There are countless examples of great players leaving great situations and seeing their careers take turns for the worse, Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown being two that come to mind. Good luck to Tyreek, but winning is always more fun than losing —

  50. Are we supposed to feel sorry for Hill? He’s just another whiny,greedy diva WR.

  51. The people in Hill’s camp sound like lunies. I don’t think any of us believed his departure from the Chiefs was strictly money. I remember in the beginning of the the Antonio Brown saga in Pittsburg, a lot of harsh things were directed toward Mike Tomlin. As time goes on, things seem to come into better focus. Tyreke Hill had first round talent, and every team knew it. But I think he went in the 6th round. I think the Chiefs did a miraculous job keeping the lid buttoned down, but you can’t do that forever. So yes, it was a business decision to part ways, but it wasn’t about money.

  52. He had the same percentage of targets as 2020. Only difference is now Burrow & Chase can outpass an entire Chiefs team in a game. Enjoy your meaningless January’s with Tua on the beach.

  53. “Rosenhaus also explained that, in Kansas City, Mahomes is the face of the franchise. In Miami, where the Dolphins are building around Hill, he’ll have greater notoriety.”

    Does Drew know what “Notoriety” actually means? What a tool. Look it up Drew.

  54. Remember this person should be in jail right now but because he can run real fast and has money he’s allowed to play a game for a living.

  55. You all remember the T O ordeal when he was with the Eagles? So does A.R.. Probably seen it coming and said “nope”. TO’s agent at the time was Drew Rosenhaus. I enjoyed watching both TO and TH on the field. But, they both seem to have that “I love me some me” mentality. Hate to see a player take his laundry public, but it is my opinion that Tyreek is full of buyers remorse about now.

  56. As an Eagles fan that has seen how a diva WR like TO could destroy a season, I’ll be happy to skip having one on the Eagles ever again.

  57. Hill had the 3rd MOST drops in the league last year. Maybe he would’ve have been better utilized if he would actually catch the ball.

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