Birmingham Stallions lose, USFL has no more undefeated teams

USFL: JUN 11 Houston Gamblers at Birmingham Stallions
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The last remaining undefeated team in the USFL has lost.

The Birmingham Stallions, who headed into Saturday night’s game a perfect 8-0, lost 17-15 to the previously 1-7 Houston Gamblers.

Birmingham might seem to owe some of its success to home-field advantage, given that every USFL regular-season game is played in Birmingham, but there’s really no reason to think home-field advantage matters in the USFL, where all eight teams live and work in Birmingham all season, and the crowds aren’t large enough for noise to make a difference.

The 8-1 Stallions have already clinched one of the USFL’s four playoff berths. The regular season ends next weekend, followed by two playoff games and then the USFL championship game on July 3 in Canton, Ohio.

9 responses to “Birmingham Stallions lose, USFL has no more undefeated teams

  1. And the members of the 1972 Dolphins drank their champagne to celebrate

  2. They remaining 1972 Miami Dolphins break out the champagne once again!

  3. In other news, Jeff Fisher is so washed that he can’t even go .500.

  4. The league is not much but at least they offer young men a chance to fulfill a dream and make some money.hopefully they add more team in the future.

  5. The Birmingham Stallions have won the same number of Super Bowls as the Vikings.

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