Eagles WR Devon Allen runs third-fastest 110M hurdles in history

TRACK & FIELD: APR 30 Penn Relays
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Devon Allen is trying to make the Eagles as a wide receiver this year, but Sunday brought a reminder that he’s a gifted track athlete as well.

Allen ran the 110 meter hurdles in 12.84 seconds during the New York Grand Prix in New York City on Sunday. That was good enough to win the race and it was also the third-fastest time that anyone has ever posted in that event. Aries Merritt set the world record of 12.80 seconds in 2012.

Allen’s track resume includes trips to the last two Olympics as a member of the United States team. He finished fifth in Rio in 2016 and fourth in Tokyo last summer.

He also played football at Oregon and signed with the Eagles in April.

“When I’m doing so much — like football and track, trying to balance them both —  I need to be really conscious of my recovery, my sleep, my diet, everything like that,” Allen said, via Reuben Frank of NBCSportsPhiladelphia.com.  So it had me locked in a little bit more, and obviously it’s working out.”

Allen plans to race in Europe before the U.S. Championships from June 23-26 and the World Championships on July 15-24. He’ll then report to Eagles camp to continue his bid for a spot in the NFL.

25 responses to “Eagles WR Devon Allen runs third-fastest 110M hurdles in history

  1. I remember the great American hurdler Renaldo Nehemiah signing on with the then world champion 49ers, and watching ball after ball bounce off his hands, and then the punting unit coming on. My only advice would be don’t throw to him on third down until he proves he can catch the ball. Nehemiah never did, but I loved him as a track athlete.

  2. His second and third gears are bonkers. He didn’t turn the jets on until halfway through. What an athlete.

  3. gl0ckworkorange says:
    June 12, 2022 at 8:39 pm
    His second and third gears are bonkers. He didn’t turn the jets on until halfway through. What an athlete.


    If he doesn’t work out as classic WR, sounds like there’s a chance he could excel in a Cordarrelle Patterson role.

  4. I admire speed, but in pads with a defender jamming you and getting hammered by a safety mitigates a lot of that. Coach Chuck Noll used to say “A lot of guys look good in their underwear”. Playing is a different animal.

  5. Hey charliecharger…

    Renaldo Nehemiah never played college football. Devon Allen did.

    Devon Allen hasn’t even made the team yet. I’m celebrating his accomplishment today… it’s impressive.

  6. Kingdom was an Olympic Champion at 12.92…

    He probably beats Allen if both in their prime…but it would be a great race.

  7. I was here today at Icahn. He certainly has the speed- and yes was faster than Nehemiah was. It’s all about catching though. Could be an interesting story

  8. Allen has a football background. He was a 4-star football recruit out of high school. He got on the field for Oregon.

    He wasn’t a super star in his three seasons there, but he wasn’t bad either. After his first season, he probably started focusing on track instead of football.

    If he can handle pro level hits, he has a lot of upside as a deep threat and/or a kick/punt returner.

  9. He was a legit player at UO before he stopped to concentrate on track. He has a real shot, especially as a returner.

  10. This is why I never understood the scouting combine. There is a difference between physical gifts and playing football when the pads are on.
    Why not just watch the tape?
    Anyways, I am not an Iggie fan but I do believe they have built a super scary team this year with their trades in the draft of the last couple seasons.

  11. Should be a good deep threat for whoever the Eagles draft at QB next year.

  12. Was he carrying a football and was anybody trying to tackle him? Impressive, but a different skill set.

  13. Allen actually played college football at Oregon. Which is a real football school. Great freshman year, but didn’t play ton after that. If he can catch a punt, then he might have a career. Eagles desperately need a spark in the return game. The one year Allen returned punts in college, 8 for 209 yards. I’d like to see Hurts try to overthrow him.

  14. He’s a huge long-shot to make the team, but it should make for an interesting story during an otherwise mundane pre-season.

  15. Not sure why “can he catch a football?’ is being asked – he played receiver in high school and college. If he makes the team and a career in football looks promising, I hope that he gives up track – there is simply no way to do both at optimal levels. And it grieves me to suggest that Devon Allen consider giving up track – track and field is my first love, even more than the epic game that is the NFL,the CFL, College Football…

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