Robbie Anderson deletes tweet suggesting potential retirement

Washington Football Team v Carolina Panthers
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On Saturday, Panthers receiver Robbie (f/k/a Robby) Anderson tweeted that he’s considering retirement. That tweet was thereafter deleted.

It either means that Anderson changed his mind about possibly retiring, or that he changed his mind about letting the world know he was considering retiring.

The message landed as the team’s annual mandatory minicamp approaches. Presumably, he’ll be there. Undoubtedly, someone from the organization will ask him whether he’s truly thinking about calling it quits.

With the possibility of a trade for Brown quarterback Baker Mayfield still hovering over Carolina, and given Anderson’s reaction to that potential acquisition, maybe he caught wind of a looming Mayfield arrival and reacted.

Maybe the reaction subsided once it was explained to him that retirement would entail a potential obligation to pay back $7.6 million in unearned signing bonus money, possibly along with a significant chunk of a restructuring bonus paid earlier this year. That knowledge definitely would be, or at least should be, a factor in any final decisions made.

10 responses to “Robbie Anderson deletes tweet suggesting potential retirement

  1. Very mediocre player. Panthers would be happy if he retired and had to pay back that money.

  2. Even if he plays this year the effort won’t be there. Robby Robbie averaged less than 10 yards a catch last season. Cut this guy if he doesn’t retire.

  3. I’d be glad to let Robby/Robbie keep his signing bonus if he would just go away. His contract may not be as bad as guaranteeing Darnold’s 5th year of $18 million, but it’s a pretty close second.

  4. If he was named Rodgers, Brady, Gronkowski or Donald, the retirement ploy would work and he’d get a new contract or some other compensation. But he’s not, ten members of his family like the tweet so he deleted it.

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