Cowboys will use Tony Pollard more extensively in 2022

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Many believe that Cowboys running back Tony Pollard is currently a better overall weapon than running back Ezekiel Elliott. This year, the Cowboys plan to showcase Pollard more extensively.

As explained by Clarence E. Hill, Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Pollard will be getting a larger role this year, with his workload including time in the backfield and reps from the slot.

“I’m open to anything just being on the field, being able to make the most of my opportunities,” Pollard said, via Hill. “If I have to line up in the slot a little more, whatever it takes, I’m ready to do it. . . . You have to make a guy or two miss and I’m off to the races.”

Pollard is younger and fresher than Elliott, who is on the roster with an eight-figure salary primarily if not exclusively because his 2019 contract extension resulted in his 2022 salary becoming fully guaranteed in 2021.

Hill notes that Pollard began his career at Memphis as a receiver, before moving to running back. Now, he’s back at receiver, along with running back.

“It’s definitely coming back to me now,” Pollard said. “I’m more comfortable.”

The situation will make the Cowboys more comfortable on offense in 2022. Things will get uncomfortable in 2023, however. That’s when they’ll likely move on from Elliott while also hoping to get Pollard re-signed — but not to the kind of contract that the Cowboys will be able to easily escape.

12 responses to “Cowboys will use Tony Pollard more extensively in 2022

  1. Zeke is one of Jerry’s boys. I will have to see it to believe it. Jerry hates to admit a mistake. Took him 25 years of futility to kinda admit it about Jimmy. Still think he is trying to wait till they win a Super Bowl without Jimmy’s team. Still waiting…

  2. Elliot faded fast? He’s still the top back on YAC. He is one of top, if not the best blocking RB as of right now. Elliot also can hit his holes precisely. Pollard is mainly speed, that’s it. Elliot is just as fast and bigger. Pollard doesn’t play every down or he’d get killed

  3. Tony has done a real disservice to himself by not being a time that will use him more . Actually his AGENT has done the disservice.

  4. I doubt they will. More likely than not you will just see Zeke continue to run up the gut for minimal yardage 20+ times a game because of Jerruh’s sunk cost fallacy.

  5. They need to use Pollard carefully though as he won’t be able to take the heavy pounding that Elliott has taken. There are only so many hard hits that a ball carrier can take during his career.

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