Jaguars DC Mike Caldwell: We see Travon Walker as a force at outside linebacker

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When Travon Walker was playing at Georgia, he played multiple positions and was never discussed as a potential first overall pick in the NFL draft. But the Jaguars decided to make him exactly that, and they think they know exactly where he can play to be an elite producer in their defensive scheme.

Jaguars defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell said Walker can be a great one at outside linebacker.

“I think his best position is outside linebacker because of his length, his athletic ability going against tackles,” Caldwell said, via the Florida Times-Union. “That is a premium position in this defense. He can play other positions, but his home for us is outside linebacker, where we see him being a force. We are going to try to mold him and let him take off and go.”

Caldwell noted that Walker is big enough that he played defensive tackle for part of his college career, but fast enough to play linebacker.

“You think about the size — his height, his weight, his speed — it’s like a unicorn,” Caldwell said. “He is unique. He plays that way and you see it on tape. You see the burst, you see the speed, you see the moves he has. We are excited about him, and I think he will be ready to roll.”

The Jaguars are in desperate need of a talent upgrade, and they think they got a significant one.

11 responses to “Jaguars DC Mike Caldwell: We see Travon Walker as a force at outside linebacker

  1. They also added LBs Devin Lloyd and Chad Muma in the draft as well as hiring a competent head coach. This could be a formidable defense.

  2. Better hope he’s not a bust at #1 overall. Hutchinson was the pick there, the Lions thank you.

  3. I mean, more power to them, but how many #1 overall picks can you remember that don’t have a definitive/true position?

  4. Yes, secondary is a little shaky- Shaquille Griffin is OK but the other corner, last year 2nd rounder Tyson Campbell is a question mark. He improved over the season last year in zone but is shaky MTM. Safeties aren’t great but there is hope for Cisco, also a rook last year.

  5. Excited to see what he can do when he is focused on one position, especially with Josh Allen on the other side to equal out the pressure, and the addition of nice defensive interior players and a a group of new talented pure linebackers. He is not going to have to do this on his own, so there will be more opportunities. They are built to stop both the run (huge need in the AFC South) and to put pressure on the other QBs.

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